TSTT cuts High-Speed Internet Access Rates

TSTT has announced a reduction in the rates for both business and residential packages of its High Speed Internet Access Service. The change took effect from June 1st, with rate reductions ranging from 11% to a high of 38% on the residential package. This will yield annual savings of up to $3,700 for TSTT customers. 

Brian Clark, Market Development Manager said that the company’s research indicated a strong desire for TSTT’s product at the right price. He explained, "The High Speed Internet Access service was developed to give small office/home office operators; high use residential customers and small and medium enterprises an affordable high speed Internet solution." Using ADSL (Asynchronous digital subscriber line) technology, customers can surf the Internet at speeds that are 2 to 5 times faster than normal dial-up access. "We have had very positive feedback about the service from people who have tried it. They are very satisfied with its speed and reliability. However, especially at the residential end of the market, customers wanted the service at a price they felt they could commit to over the long term."

TSTT High Speed Internet Access service offers downloading speeds of 128 kilobits per second and 256 kilobits per second. This is provided via a dedicated connection which is a significant advantage over Internet access via fixed wireless and cable modems where bandwidth is shared and the amount of users affect the connection speed.

In addition to the rate reduction, customers who apply for the service get free Firewall protection and, while stocks last, will be provided with a special ADSL modem free of charge. These modems have a normal retail value of $1,399 and $2,399. With the introduction of the new rates TSTT customers also get four free e-mail addresses. "We have redesigned the product offering to give customers much more value for money. The speed of the connection means customers can enjoy any multimedia content on websites, they have unlimited, secure on-line access and they can be on-line and use their phone at the same time."