TSTT & Digicel Ink Interconnect Deal and Tower Sharing

Trinidad - Today marks a milestone in the telecommunications Industry in Trinidad & Tobago as Digicel and TSTT have finally signed an interconnection Agreement following from the recent decision of an arbitration panel appointed by the Telecommunications Authority.

Under the Agreement both companies have agreed to pay the same, ‘reciprocal,’ interconnect charges to each other, and also to retroactively pay each other for the interconnection services provided since inception. This agreement also allows for Short Messaging Service (SMS or Text messaging) to be facilitated. The companies expect these arrangements to go into effect within the next three weeks. Once implemented any mobile user in Trinidad and Tobago will then be able to send and receive text messages from any other mobile user in the country.

In addition, after several weeks of intense discussions the parties also signed an Agreement in relation to the sharing of space on their respective cellular towers. This paves the way for each party to place its telecommunication equipment on the towers of the other party thus avoiding the need for the each company to construct its own towers in certain instances. This arrangement should go some considerable way in allaying the concerns of the public on the proliferation of towers in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Honourable Kennedy Swaratsingh, Minister of Public Administration was instrumental in finalizing the Tower Sharing and SMS arrangements. The companies are sincerely grateful to Minister Swaratsingh who acted as a catalyst for initiating renewed discussions between TSTT and Digicel on these critical issues of public importance. Both companies also extend their sincere thanks to Mr. Larry Howai, Chairman of the E-Business Roundtable, for his professionalism and resoluteness in his role as government-appointed mediator during the discussions. TSTT and Digicel are satisfied that the terms of these two Agreements ensure that the public receives the full benefits of a liberalized telecommunications market.