TSTT Employees execute ultimate showdown at 2013 Calypso Competition

TSTT's 2013 Soca Monarch Tamara Clarke and Calypso Monarch Vernon Bereaux pose for a photo opportunity with TSTT's chairman and executives.


The 2013 TSTT Employees’ Calypso/Soca Monarch Competition left attendees jumping and waving. The longstanding Carnival staple not only provided a forum for the company’s staff members to display their proficiency in the Calypso art form but this year also accommodated those gifted in modern Soca composition and performance.

Now 23 years strong, the annual contest featured 14 finalists backed by the band Wayne Bruno and Rapid Response competing in front of a panel of judges and supporters representing numerous TSTT departments such as Customer Care, Finance, Mobile, Enterprise and Tobago Operations. For this 2013 edition entitled “The Ultimate Showdown”, contestants had the option to perform either traditional Calypso or Soca.

Song topics ranged from subjects of general human interest to commentary on recent political occurences. It must be noted that each participant held nothing back when it came to utilizing props, costumes and the addition of that unique TSTT ‘pecong’ that has become synonymous with the fun-filled show.

The competition’s results are as follows:


1st place (TSTT Calypso Monarch 2013) Vernon “D Bi Fisherman” Bereaux
2nd place Carlton Lousion
3rd place Karen “Cymple” Dottin


1st place (TSTT Soca Monarch 2013) Tamara “Soca D’va” Clarke
2nd place Tri-Dis
3rd place Anthony “Bonylicious” Doorbal
In addition to the fierce Soca and Kaiso competition, the crowd at Nelson Exchange Car Park witnessed an Extempo clash between two patrons who vied for the grand prize of a new Blackberry device courtesy of TSTT. This battle was refereed by Extempo champs The Black Sage and Lady Africa.

The energetic audience was also treated to post-competition performances by some of the Soca industry’s top acts such as Shurwayne Winchester and his band Y.O.U., Neil ‘Iwer’ George, Megan Waldron, Chucky, Terri Lyons and Super Blue.