TSTT employees give Cancer Society a Thirteen Thousand Dollar Boost

Employees throughout TSTT opened their purses and wallets to help in the fight against cancer. Spurred on by the 'Cancer Dollar Initiative' launched by the Society in October 2006, TSTT employees donated well beyond the designated month into December 2006 to total $13,609.53. An excited Projects Manager of the Cancer Society, Mrs. Ann Paula Bibby expressed her gratitude to the three representatives of the company as they presented the contributions to her. Marilyn Baptiste-Valentine, Ingrid Castillo and Annie Rampersad of the TSTT Human Resource department willingly handed over the donation to the Society on behalf of their co-workers.

Located on Rosalino Street in Woodbrook, the Cancer Society houses a clinic that provides screening tests for various types of cancer to the public. The Society offers these services at heavily discounted prices in an attempt to encourage early and regular testing. "Early detection is best in order to fight the disease, so we encourage everyone to have regular screening," Bibby ended.

This is the third consecutive year that TSTT employees have supported this worthy cause.