TSTT Foundation gives Tobago Swim Classic a lifeline

July 2006

The TSTT Foundation program has thrown its support behind the Tobago Swim Classic to be held on Sunday 2, July at the Arcadia Pool in Orange Hill, Scarborough.

The Swim Classic began in 2003 to promote competitive swimming in Tobago and to lead the drive for better swimming facilities on the island. Since then the Swim Classic has grown from the forty participants to approximately two hundred swimmers registered for this year’s event.

Chairman of the Swim Classic committee and President of the Tobago Youth Development centre, Mr. Jonathan Louis, lamented the fact that Tobago has been handicapped by the lack of a 25-metre swimming pool. “As a result we have been unable hold qualifications for Olympic trials and similar major events.”

The lobby to get a 25-metre pool and to eventually send a representative from Tobago to a world-ranked and CARICOM events continues. “Tobago swimmers are clocking good times in these smaller pools but are frustrated at being unable to move ahead due to the lack of larger facilities” said Louis. Financial constraints was also an issue. “TSTT Foundation came to the rescue and we are now able to invite more participation in the program because we have a better prize structure in place”.

TSTT’s Head Marketing Communications, Ms. Amoy Van Lowe affirmed that TSTT was committed to sponsoring not only big events like the World Cup campaign but also fledgling events. “The TSTT Foundation program is about giving young people more opportunities to find their calling. It is a birthplace for future monumental accomplishments.” Van Lowe said organisations needed to help provide the resources necessary to help young people excel at all levels.

Louis noted that TSTT Foundation was the only corporate sponsor to date. “We appreciate this since this year’s Classic was heading for disaster. We would have had to cancel the event were it not for TSTT’s support. This year’s event will be held in a 24metre pool, which is an improvement and we are still hopeful that promises we received to get a world-class swimming pool before the end of 2006 will be realised”.

The day’s activities will open with a March Past competition with trophies to be presented for the first and second place March Past winners. Prizes will also be awarded for Best Front Crawler, Best Back Crawler, Best Butterfly and Best Breast stroke in varying age groups.