TSTT Foundation helps NGOs to design their future on the Internet

The TSTT Foundation has begun a six-week webpage design training program for 17 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community-based organisations (CBOs). The course ‘Web Page Designing with FrontPage XP’ is being conducted at the University of the West Indies.

This is the fourth year that the company has hosted this free training program to  promote the use of the Internet as a means for NGOs and CBOs to more effectively reach and serve their clients.

"TSTT is facilitating this program at no cost to the participants, because we recognize that it is a way, not only to bring people together, but to pave the road towards becoming a fully developed nation,” says Amoy Van Lowe, Head of Marketing Communications.  “TSTT is still number one and as the company makes technological advances, we want the people to move forward with us”.

Clearly, the benefits are enormous to the participants. An online presence aids development by enhancing an organization’s brand identity, providing worldwide exposure and creating opportunities for sharing with like-minded organizations.  This year’s crop of participating organizations includes Men Against Violence Against Women, Sad for Toco, South Aids Support and Credo Centre for Socially Displaced Children.

The Web Designing with Frontpage XP program is teaching participants how to plan, design and build e-secured webpages.  TSTT is not only helping to teach a skillset but is also helping to design the future of young people, who are the most avid users of the Internet.  Chat rooms, blogs and instant messaging are the new meeting places for young people so organizations that serve them need to effectively communicate with them in those spaces.

Ms. Carol Juggernauth, a participant from MOMS for Literacy praised TSTT for hosting the program and enabling her organization to participate. “TSTT’s generosity in supporting our youth literacy programs and this training has left a lasting impression on us and the benefits to the youths we serve will be reaped for many years to come.”

Tutor Sophia Persad of UWI’s Social Sciences Computer Lab said “TSTT has done this outreach program for a number of years, giving back to the community and making this technology more accessible. Now, participants will be able to harness the power of the Internet to reach out to young people in ways they had not been able to do before.”