TSTT helps Navet Village join Global Village

Drive along the quiet, rustic Cunapo Southern Road and you will certainly be surprised to find, nestled among the farms and modest homes, a state of the art communications centre in the heart of Navet Village. As part of TSTT’s continuing drive to make first class communications services available in communities where these services are not easily accessible, the Company recently opened the Cushe/Navet Community Communications Centre. This is the first of six centres TSTT plans to install islandwide. These Community Communications Centres are fully equipped offices that residents can use to send and receive faxes, print or photocopy documents, work on electronic documents, surf the Internet, send and receive e-mail and make local and international calls.

“The Communications Centre is an opportunity for the residents to improve skills in information communications technology,” noted Norris Campbell, TSTT’s Corporate Secretary and General Manager of Corporate Administrative Services at the opening function of the Centre. “It is also an opportunity to connect Navet Village to the global village,” he added. Mr. Campbell told guests TSTT plans to invest over TT$1 M to establish the six Centres, which will be operated by trained persons from the community, who will be paid by TSTT.

Residents of the Cushe/Navet community were on hand for the opening of the centre and got an opportunity to tour the facility. Mrs. Ursilla Orosco-Parris of the Navet Village Council told the audience she was grateful the facility was completed as it would help Primary School students in the area get hands on experience with computers and the Internet.

Ralph Maraj, Co-ordinator in the Ministry of Public Administration & Information, represented the Minister Senator Dr. Lenny Saith at the launch. He commended TSTT for, once again, demonstrating its commitment to the development of a modern nation. He said it was the Government’s intention to ensure that there was no digital divide in the country and that it was important for every citizen to have access to the information super highway of the twenty-first century.