TSTT Honours Top-Placed SEA Students with Blink Broadband

Trinidad - TSTT continues to demonstrate its commitment to the nation’s youth in a most tangible way. They do not only ‘talk the talk’ but constantly prove that they also ‘walk the walk’. On Saturday 18th October 2008, 13 youngsters who ranked in the top ten in this year’s Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examinations were honoured by TSTT during a ceremony at the company’s St.Vincent Street offices.

In keeping with their philosophy of utilising technology to improve the quality of life for all citizens, TSTT gifted each of the students with one year’s free supply of reliable broadband Internet access. In today’s fluid technology-driven world, Internet accessibility is virtually a necessity for all students in the execution of their studies. This also holds true for those about to confront the demands of the secondary education system.

TSTT, in recognition of this, is happy to assist these exceptional students in achieving ongoing excellence in their new environment. Ideally, this present can serve as a catalyst for them to mimic their success at the primary school level all the way up to the tertiary level.

Darren Cassie, father of Alliyah Cassie (one of the recipients of the awards), said that he was extremely pleased with the appreciation TSTT has chosen to bestow on these children. He noted that it was “very motivating to impressionable youngsters such as these, to be recognized by a large Corporate citizen such as TSTT”.