TSTT moves ahead with $M Mobile Switch

TSTT has completed work on a new TT$125M Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) to boost the capacity of its bmobile GSM network by a hefty 40%. TSTT’s third Mobile Switching Centre comes at a time when the company is broadening the functionality of mobile communications into high-speed wireless Internet and multi-media messaging.

The new MSC will support the company’s expansion of coverage for bmobile customers and fulfill the company’s goal of ensuring that customers are able to connect to the network anywhere and at anytime.

Tony Ramgoolam, Head of Network Planning and Design – TSTT, said the additional switch has also made the bmobile network more resilient. “With three switches in operation, the risk of a complete network failure due to any disaster, natural or otherwise, is now very remote.” Ramgoolan said this was particularly critical with the start of the hurricane season. “Putting a third mobile switch is service was important for the country’s disaster preparedness and emergency response plans as well as for the safety and security of individuals.”