TSTT partners with 800-STAR Limited

September 2006

TSTT partners with 800-STAR Limited to give TSTT Smart Choice users medical information that’s a phone call away

TSTT has joined with the 800STAR Limited to give Smart Choice users access to medical information by simply dialing an 800 number for MedStar - the Tele-Health Help Line service. TSTT Smart Choice users will be the first ever to to access information on basic health concerns using their residential fixed lines. The service will connect them to trained health care professionals in Canada 24 hours a day.

MedStar is a partnership between FONEMED LLC of America and 800 STAR (Trinidad) Limited. FONEMED LLC is internationally accredited by the American Accreditation Healthcare Commission and provides services to over four million customers worldwide.

Through the service, a telephone-based help line and healthcare information centre is manned by registered nurses 24 hours a day. If there is an urgent (non-emergency) medical situation the nurse will discuss the symptoms and recommend an appropriate course of action. When the number is dialed and all nurses are currently dealing with customers, the nurse will schedule a time to call back the customer, provided the request is non-urgent. Lars Soderstrom, Vice President of Marketing at TSTT said that his company is happy to be able to bring this service to the people of Trinidad and Tobago since it gives us all another option for managing certain aspects of our health needs. "We are committed to helping our customers to get the maximum potential from their telephone service. This collaboration with MedStar puts at the disposal of our thousands of customers a means to access information and in some cases resolution to some of their simple medical queries."

In 2005 of 65,000 calls coming from the Caribbean taken by FONEMED 48 per cent resulted in self care/home care, 49 per cent in referral for medical care within a specific period and 3 per cent of the calls resulted in emergency guidance. The company has found that 60 per cent of the calls were received between 6pm and 4am.

TSTT will begin to roll out the service with a trial period starting November 1 - for Smart Choice residential customers who will have 24-hour unlimited toll free access, advice from registered nurses in Canada and Medstar’s online health information Library. Additionally, users will also be eligible for the membership card that will get them discounts at certain pharmacies, doctors and restaurants.