TSTT partners in landmark ICT symposium

Trinidad - “Innovation, innovation, innovation”, said one of the speakers, capturing the dominant theme of what commentators call the most important information and communications technology (ICT) symposium in the Caribbean. TSTT was not only a platinum sponsor of the event, but provided participants access to their powerful broadband and mobile networks. The “ICT Business and Innovation Symposium 2008” – spanning from November 16-18 at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad – covered a range of technology, telecommunications and business topics of pressing urgency to both Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region. Speakers from territories as far-ranging as Singapore, New Zealand, France and the US, joined with local and regional figures in a comprehensive mapping of challenges, opportunities and pathways to development through the use of ICT. The symposium was an initiative of the Ministry of Public Administration. “The goal of this inaugural symposium is to raise awareness and promote the uptake of the new tools available, while highlighting investment opportunities in Trinidad & Tobago and the region, thereby setting an agenda and vision to invigorate the business and public sectors to fully embrace the future of ICT,” explained Kennedy Swaratsingh, Minister of Public Administration. Besides the content of the symposium, the format of the event was technology-rich and TSTT played a major part. All the event’s sponsor and exhibition booths were powered by the telecom’s high bandwidth Wi-Fi. Attendees were able to keep in touch with their offices through high speed Internet access at several Blink desktop stations. Session participants sent text message questions and comments to panelists through a bmobile-provided network. TSTT’s own exhibition booth displayed the latest in its Blackberry handset offerings. “The Ministry wanted very much for this symposium to be both about a discussion on technology and technology in action,” described Linus Rogers, TSTT’s Vice President of Regulatory and Asset Rationalisation. “As the nation’s only full-service provider we were best positioned to provide the event with the spectrum of offerings under our umbrella of services.” Mr Rogers participated on a panel focusing on the development of Trinidad and Tobago’s telecommunications sector alongside other industry players and policy drafters. He added: “this was an incredibly exciting, dynamic and above all timely initiative from the Ministry of Public Administration and the Government. We were grateful for the chance to participate.”