TSTT POP’s the question, Siparia and Princes Town Say “YES!”

TSTT has delivered two new Internet POP’s or Points of Presence closer to home for its Internet customers in Siparia and Princes Town. The POP, an Internet access server, was installed in the  Siparia and Princes Town Exchanges, giving TSTT NetXpress subscribers in these communities a closer connection for accessing the World Wide Web. Prior to installing the POP’s , customers received Internet access via POPs in Port of Spain. TSTT now has 12 POP’s nationwide.

Nigel Cassimire, acting General Manager for Network Services at TSTT explained “When customers in Siparia and Princes Town use TSTT’s dial-up Internet service, they get connected to access servers in the respective Exchanges which immediately puts them on to separate wideband data network.” Before the POP’s were installed, dial—up access from these southern towns was routed via the normal phone network all the way to Port of Spain. “Under this arrangement voice and Internet users were competing for space on our network. With the new POP’s, Internet  customers in these areas will enjoy a much better quality of service.”

Mr. Cassimire added that TSTT is working on adding additional POP’s at other major exchanges to further enhance the quality of telephone and Internet services. “The Internet is now an indispensable enabling technology for users in Trinidad and Tobago and TSTT is committed to making it as widely accessible as possible, especially for persons in rural communities who can benefit a lot from this service.”