TSTT, Public Utilities Talk Telecom

Trinidad - TSTT recently hosted the Permanent Secretary and other senior personnel from the Ministry of Public Utilities at a special two-day training seminar on the technological, commercial and customer service issues confronting the telecoms industry. Both parties saw the need for this engagement especially in light of TSTT’s reassignment from the former Ministry of Public Administration and Information to the Ministry of Public Utilities last December. “This is a new field for us,” said Jacqueline Gantaume-Farrell, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Utilities, “which is why in our conversations with TSTT we thought we should have this session, so that it will give us an overview of the industry. The Ministry is in a mode of restructuring and we really want to boost our technical capacity in telecommunications.” The Permanent Secretary explained that the Ministry was particularly interested in fibre optic cable as a replacement for copper. She said fibre was becoming increasingly more viable both for its greater capacity but also because of the rampant copper cable theft and vandalism. Cable theft affects both TSTT and T&TEC, companies both under the purview of the Ministry of Public Utilities. TSTT CEO Robert Peón told participants that advances in technology around the world was happening at a faster and faster rate and the future would be heavily influenced by telecommunications. “In the last 30 years the biggest changes on earth have had to do with telecommunications and data processing. Today, a computer can barely do the processing of about one third of the human brain but in 10 years it will be able to process the same capacity as the whole human race. The world is going to be very interesting in the next 10 to 15 years.” Besides Mrs Gantaume-Farrell, the Ministry contingent included two Deputy Permanent Secretaries and several senior staffers. In addition to Mr Peón; TSTT’s Vice President Regulatory and Asset Rationalisation, Linus Rogers and Chief Marketing Officer, William Powell were also in attendance at the opening session. “I want to give TSTT the assurance that we will work with them in support of achieving our national objectives,” said the Permanent Secretary, striking a cordial note for the new relationship.