TSTT Refutes Union Accusations

August 2006

TSTT remains strong in defense of its customers and employees and rejects any absurd suggestions that it is in any way involved in criminal acts of wilful vandalizing of its own telephone cables. It is of absolutely no benefit to TSTT when its valued customers suffer loss of service, this results in loss of revenue to TSTT and increased cost of restoring the stolen cables. TSTT has been working feverishly to combat cable vandalism.

As far back as January 2006, TSTT announced plans to increase security measures to thwart cable thieves and to stage joint exercises with the police to capture these criminals. TSTT began installation of special cameras along its routes, technological anti-thief devices in the Company’s cables, created a hotline for reporting illegal cable cutting and selling activity and has been engaged in house-to-house visits providing information and seeking assistance from customers.

For anyone to suggest that the company is part of a plot to vandalise telephone cables for monetary gain, is a direct attack on our employees and our good name. The facts are that, for the year to date, in spite of the increase in cable sabotage 88% of all repairs to vandalised cables have been handled by in-house staff, and there has been no increase in the number of maintenance contractors employed by TSTT.

TSTT therefore vehemently denies the claims being made concerning its cable repairs, and abhors the slur on the character of its hardworking and loyal employees.

TSTT is constantly seeking to improve the level of service it delivers to its customers. The truth is that our dedicated employees have been working to bring about improvements across all our lines of business, as evidenced by the results of a bi-annual survey completed in July 2006.

The survey, conducted by the US-based CFI Group, shows that TSTT’s customers reported a higher level of satisfaction in the service they received across most of the company’s lines of business.

It is no secret that one of TSTT’s goals is to become the Most Admired Telecommunications Company in T&T. These survey results are testimony to the commitment of employees at all levels to the success of TSTT, through delivering quality service to their customers. It is also proof positive that the malicious charges against the company are unwarranted.