TSTT rejects CWU petition

Trinidad - TSTT has been advised by the CWU of their dis-satisfaction with the company’s recovery of salaries over-paid to workers that were suspended last September.

TSTT formally notified employees of the sanctions of one month or two months un-paid suspension from work. When the suspensions took effect near the end of September last year all employees had already been paid for the entire month resulting in the suspended employees being overpaid for 3 days while they were on suspension. It therefore remained for TSTT to recover this over payment.

The CWU maintains its opposition to the suspensions and as expected they are opposed to any method used by TSTT to recover this money.

The CWU’s assertion that this over payment should not be recovered is without any merit whatsoever. Additionally, TSTT has been extremely considerate in its approach. The company has opted to recoup the over payment at a rate of one days’s salary per month over a three month period instead collecting all in one lump sum.

In recent days the CWU has continued its campaign to force a confrontation with the company and this is just another instance of them manipulating the truth to make a mountain out of a mole hill.