TSTT to remove St. Augustine Cell tower

Trinidad - TSTT has taken the decision to remove cellular equipment recently installed at Bates Trace St. Augustine. The action was guided by the company’s concerns for both, the family that had given permission for the equipment to be installed on their property and for the rest of the community that were concerned about having the cell site in their neighbourhood. This decision follows a meeting TSTT held with residents last Friday to hear their concerns.

TSTT sought to reassure residents that small local serving towers like the one erected in St. Augustine were designed to only cover the immediate community in which they were located. As such they generated a pattern of Radio Frequency emissions that was well within the compliance levels set by TATT and even the standards set by the FCC in the USA. The company noted that this was a very deliberate precautionary approach by TSTT to provide a better quality of cellular service that was in harmony with the communications needs of the community.

Notwithstanding this, the residents were adamant about the removal of the tower and their continued protest actions increasingly brought them into conflict with the homeowner on whose property the equipment was installed. Because of these undesirable and unintended consequences, TSTT has taken the decision to remove the equipment from its current location.