TSTT residential customers reap millions

TSTT’s residential “SmartChoice” users are now reaping in millions of free International and mobile minutes as the company announced major new enhancements to the service. Each new and existing “SmartChoice” user can get as much as 200 free minutes per month for International calls and  fixedline calls to mobile phones.

Previously the “SmartChoice Gold” package , for example, gave customers unlimited local calls to other fixed lines for $250.00 per month. Now, for the same $250 per month,  these customers will also get 100 free minutes for calls to most international destinations as well as 100 free minutes for calls to any local mobile phone.  “SmartChoice” Silver and Bronze packages will give users seventy five(75) and twenty-five (25) minutes respectively, each month for calls to international destinations and local mobile numbers.

Now for one fixed rate, customers have the guarantee that they can use a pre-defined bundle of minutes for all of their calling needs and get no surprises on their bill at the end of the month. This is all in keeping with TSTT’s commitment to ensuring that customers receive the best possible value for their money.

With the advent of liberalisation TSTT is again taking the lead in bringing competitively priced products to the market. “This enhancement to ‘SmartChoice’ was eagerly anticipated by customers so we expect that there will be a significant surge in the demand for these services.”