TSTT says “sí” to Spanish Heritage Festival

Trinidad - There are many examples of Trinidad’s deep ties to Latin culture – language, place names, music, food and festivals. On November 30, TSTT will be a sponsor of an event designed to ensure those cultural links remain strong. On that Sunday afternoon Lopinot will host its ninth Spanish Heritage Festival. The Lopinot/La Pastora Spanish Heritage Festival is expected to bring together the more than 7,000 residents of Lopinot, La Pastora and Surrey and many visitors. The cultural event is set to begin that Sunday morning at the Lopinot Recreation Grounds. A statement from the festival organising committee explained that the purpose of the annual festival was “to recreate our ancestral cultural traditions brought here by our Venezuelan forefathers. These cultural traits are our identity and signature which we will continue to hand down to our children.” Festival activities include Spanish mass, children’s treats, handmade crafts, the preparation of traditional foods and of course that Christmas season staple, parang. “This festival shows that when people come together they can make a significant difference to the national landscape. TSTT is pleased to be associated with an event that preserves our national heritage and brings people together in a positive and uplifting way,” Camille Salandy, TSTT’s Head of Public Relations & External Affairs, commented. The Lopinot/La Pastora Spanish Heritage Festival was first held in 1999, initiated by Community Development Officers Philbert Alonzo and Jean Bruzal, and staged in collaboration with the Lopinot/La Pastora Village Council. The Council has continued the festival in the succeeding years. An estimated 80,000 visitors have attended since its inception. Lopinot has long been known as the home of parang music.