TSTT sponsors 7th Annual Camp for Children with Diabetes"

August 2006

TSTT & the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago(DATT) presents the 7th Annual Camp for children living with Diabetes 2006. This free four day Camp will be held from the 17th-20th August at Milner Hall, University of the West Indies.  The Camp is open to first-time campers only between the ages of 8-17 years old. 

Diabetes is a serious and costly public health problem and DATT in partnership with TSTT has been seeking new ways to decrease the incidence of Diabetes and to teach people, with a special emphasis on children that the disease is entirely manageable and with a proper diet and exercise, they can lead healthy and normal lives. 

The purpose of the camp is to teach children with Diabetes how to manage their condition, they learn basic disease management skills like how to self-administer insulin and how to prevent and treat Diabetic shock. 

The Diabetes Camp is structured to provide a safe, outdoors environment for campers with an assortment of fun activities like pizza party, talent shows, story time, and movie nights.  Past campers have bonded with other children living with the disease and have left with new friendships and a positive outlook on their condition and life in general.

Camp coordinator, Mrs Marcia Rollock is “very thankful for TSTT’s continued support, because of increased funding DATT has been able to host more newly diagnosed children and to provide a wider range of recreational activities.  The children are exposed to more nutritionists, psychologists and social workers, which is obviously of great benefit to both the children and their parents”.

Each year a number of TSTT employees volunteer to spend time mentoring and assisting the campers.  TSTT’s Head of Marketing Communications, Mrs Amoy Van Lowe, pledged the continued support of the TSTT Foundation and said she felt “humbled to be a part of such a worthwhile program that is actually giving children the tools to a better life by managing their disease”.