TSTT starts SM telephone Network Development Program to connect rural communities

Over TT$20 M has been invested by TSTT to enhance the communications network into twenty five (25) communities in North East and South Trinidad as well as in Tobago. TSTT is utilising  state of the art systems to leapfrog the targeted areas into the world of modem communications solutions.

The communities are Valencia, Cumuto, Brazil, Biche, Las Lomas #2, Penal Rock Road, Rancho Quemado, Debe / Wellington, Whitelands, Riversdale, Busy Corner, Mantacool, Saunders Road, Borde Narve, Charlotteville, Mt. St. George, Moriah, Somai Trace; Mason Hall; Lambeau; Les Coteaux; Good Wood; Pembroke; Toco and Cumana. The communities will be connected to four  main telephone exchanges — Mausica Exchange; Scarborough Exchange; Siparia Exchange and Princes Town Exchange using sophisticated Next Generation Digital Loop Carrier Systems.  

Apart from normal telephone services, residential and business customers in these areas will also have access to advanced services including high speed Internet access based on ADSL technology, frame relay and ISDN. The equipment will also make it possible for electronic banking and a range of financial and commercial services to be established closer to these communities.

TSTT has an aggressive ongoing network development program and every year the company commits substantial resources to take communications services into areas that are too far removed from central exchanges to receive service. TSTT at present has approximately 325,000 phone lines on its network. The rural network expansion programme will establish over 11,400 lines to serve the 25 communities and will be completed by July 2003.