TSTT takes St Mary’s Children’s Home to Logos II

Caption: Children from St. Mary's Home enjoy their time aboard the Logos II courtesy TSTT

1 September, 2006

TSTT and the LOGOS II hosted thirty-one children from the St Mary’s Home for Children on a special visit to world-renowned the book ship, Logos II , presently docked at the Cruise Ship Complex.

The Logos II, whose motto is “bringing knowledge, help and hope”, is in Port of Spain from August 23 to September 22, 2006. Over 9 million visitors worldwide have been welcomed on board for tours, programs and visits to the floating bookshop. With stops in over 280 ports of call, this unique ship has visited 76 countries, including Africa, the Americas, Europe, the Near East and the Caribbean.

The children from the St Mary’s Home, ranging in ages from five to thirteen, were warmly greeted by the Backstage Crew and were treated to a short tour of the ship, which included a preview of the different cultures of the crewmembers that are represented on the ship through the use of their national costumes. The next stop on the tour was to the various stations of the ship, where they were shown the tools of the trade and given an explanation of how the ship operates. Then it was time for a movie and snacks.

One of the Home’s juvenile supervisors said that “on the bus ride home, the children couldn’t stop talking about their tour of the Logos II, they particularly enjoyed learning about the different nationalities. The children correspond with foreign missionaries and pen pals, so they could relate on that level to the different countries they were hearing about and they absolutely loved the colouring books that they were given.”

TSTT’s Corporate Communications Officer, Mr. Graeme Suite, says that the company has “always put its resources into supporting the Logos II because of their simple message of love and hope and because they share our vision of using information technology and education to reach and teach young people”. TSTT has been a consistent service provider partner with the floating book ship over the years, providing the vessel with telephone links for local and international calls, credit and debit card transactions and high-speed Internet services which the multinational crew are especially grateful for.

Deborah Kim, PR agent for the Logos II said “the logistics involved in dealing with port authorities, exhibiting hundreds of books and dealing with attendance and sales for tens of thousands of visitors is no easy task. Additionally, some of our volunteers come from as far as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, they need to keep in touch with their families and none of it would be possible if we didn’t have the communications support that was kindly made available to us by TSTT”.