Port of Spain, Trinidad - Thirty-two (32) university students are getting the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge to practice in the TSTT University Vacation Internship Programme which is bringing the classroom to life in three months of hands on training during the vacation period.

But it’s about much more than just a summer job and a stipend. Edghill Messiah, Vice President of Human Resources and Administration points out, “We try to instill in them the idea of a career rather than a job.” He says several managers and supervisors now employed with the organization had their start in the University Internship Programme, a part of TSTT’s Human Capital Development Strategy which calls for the development of a cadre of young leaders who will help chart a course for the company’s future.

The dynamic and demanding telecommunications environment requires that the students participate in two weeks of orientation during which they become acquainted with the operations of the company. Thereafter, each student is paired with a personal mentor and assigned to one of several departments including Marketing; Corporate IT; Blink Vigilance; HR; Outside Plant, Customer Service, Finance and Tobago Operations.

The TSTT University Internship Programme costs the company over $300,000 each year. For students it’s an invaluable opportunity to gain experience in the real world of work and for TSTT it is one of the company’s crowning achievements. “More than giving students an insight into TSTT, the Internship program gives them a foundation that benefits the entire telecoms industry as a whole. We at TSTT are very proud to have sustained the program for all these years and we continue to see the success of it year after year”, says Mr. Messiah.