TSTT Videoconferencing Beams Nobel Laureate into Energy Conference

Port of Spain,Trinidad - Videoconferencing – it’s an incredibly energy efficient and cost effective means of communication. For the 2011 Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference, TSTT showed the benefits of this technology at a panel discussion and workshop. Through videoconferencing attendees at the energy sector event enjoyed the input of industry experts that included Nobel Peace Prize-winning environmentalist Dr Malcolm Wilson.

Some of the major themes of this year’s Energy Conference (held from February 7-9 at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad) were energy efficiency and environmental awareness. In keeping with this, event organisers the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago utilised videoconferencing services provided by TSTT for some of the conference activities that included international experts.

“Videoconferencing is one of the best examples of how information and communications technology (ICT) can increase efficiency, save time and money for businesses,” explained Jay Alvi, TSTT’s Executive Vice President of Enterprise Services. “TSTT was pleased to exhibit this technology at a meeting of the energy industry, one of the most important sectors for Trinidad and Tobago.”

Videoconferencing was used for two Energy Conference events. The first was a panel discussion on “Climate Change and CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Investment Opportunities” that featured Philipp Hauser, a senior manager with Latin American firm GDF Suez Energy, who spoke from Belgium. The second was a workshop on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage that featured Canada-based climate expert Dr Malcolm Wilson. Dr Wilson won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize as a contributing author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, sharing it with US Vice President Al Gore and other members of the IPCC.

TSTT’s support was really crucial in making the Energy Conference a success and videoconferencing in particular helped the Chamber to ensure the quality of presentations by allowing them to include excellent speakers who were not physically present.

The annual Energy Conference is a regional event that brings together players in the energy sector from Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean to learn, discuss and plan for the sector’s continued development. Apart from its facilitation of videoconferencing services, TSTT has been a regular sponsor of the conference.