TSTT weds tech and culture at Divali Nagar 2008

Trinidad - Divali Nagar is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most renowned cultural events, and this year thanks to TSTT it will receive a major injection of the latest in telecommunications technology. One of the most important expositions of Hindu and Indo-Trinidadian culture, Divali Nagar is an annual showcase that encompasses food, music, dance and other cultural presentations. For 2008 it will also include Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), (video) gaming and Blackberry smartphones – some of the latest telecommunications products and services. “Divali Nagar is first and foremost a cultural event,” said Rakesh Goswami, TSTT’s Chief Financial Officer. “As regular contributors to this yearly celebration we are delighted for the chance to provide some of our technologically-driven offerings to enhance the exposition and hope they make 2008 an even grander experience.” TSTT’s presentation at Divali Nagar will also include special initiatives for fixed line and mobile services, including interactive SMS and top up-based activities that give customers a chance to win prizes like handsets and electronic gaming consoles. The telecom provider’s festival booth will host a mehendi demonstration. TSTT is also donating a hefty $300,000 cheque towards the event. Deokinanan Sharma, Chairman of the National Council for Indian Culture, thanked TSTT for their contribution to the celebration: “We greatly appreciate TSTT’s unyielding support for Divali Nagar. We expect their presentation this year to be extremely well-received by our attendees.” Mr. Goswami explained that “this is TSTT’s way of showing support for our Hindu community in Trinidad & Tobago. We will continue to make a positive contribution to Trinidad and Tobago’s diverse cultural events.” TSTT has been a sponsor of Divali celebrations for more than eight years. Divali Nagar – which means Village of Lights – is staged at the Divali Nagar Site in Chaguanas.