TSTT WiMAX (4G) to take wireless connectivity into overdrive

Trinidad - “A revolution in access to wireless broadband in Trinidad and Tobago.” This was how TSTT’s Chief Executive Officer Roberto Peón, described the company’s latest innovation, the deployment of its fourth generation (4G)wireless network based on WiMAX technology. The CEO made these remarks today following the receipt of authorization to provide WiMAX services from the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT).

WiMAX provides one of the latest advances in high speed wireless broadband. Its speed of deployment also makes it one of the most coveted telecommunications technologies for serving consumers. TSTT was already the first in the country to provide 3G broadband wireless technology with its Blink-on-the-Go service. With the addition of WiMAX to its existing portfolio, TSTT has strengthened its ability to further expand customer access to voice and broadband services.

“WiMAX has for some time been part of our strategic plan as the nation’s only full service provider, to dramatically increase access throughout Trinidad and Tobago,” said CEO Peón. “TSTT is committed to rolling out innovative and state-of-the-art products and services. We intend to fully leverage our recent successful use of this technology under temporary authorization during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, as we roll out services across Trinidad and Tobago.”

Customers will soon experience the benefits of having wireless broadband access at cutting edge 4G speeds. This “plug n play”, self-installable service will allow customers to easily connect to any internet-ready PC or laptop computer. Customers can look forward to a “turbo charged” Blink-on-the-Go service, as WiMAX will enhance the speed, accessibility and portability that they look for as they conduct their personal or business communication.

“The future is at our doorstep and it is so exciting” continued Peón. “We are ready to lead the way in launching the first 4G service in Trinidad and Tobago.”