TSTT wins in Court

May 7, 2006

Today the High Court ruled in TSTT’s favour in its judicial review application and determined that the Arbitration Panel, set up under the Dispute Resolution Procedures of the Telecommunications Authority, had no jurisdiction to hear or determine any application for interim interconnection rates, and did not possess the power to set or impose interim interconnection rates.

TSTT’s Vice President Legal, Regulatory and Carrier Services, Lisa Agard, said that the company was pleased with the Court’s decision. “TSTT was vindicated in its interpretation of the legislative framework set up under the Telecommunications Act. At the outset, we always felt that the panel did not have the jurisdiction to set or impose interim interconnection rates.”

She added further that this does not change anything as far as consumers are concerned. “TSTT agreed to the sender keeps all arrangement and basically the status quo remains unchanged until the Arbitration Panel rules on the application that is before the Panel for determination. That hearing will take place on May 22nd 2006.”

Of primary concern to TSTT is that the company is not placed in a position where it has to increase the rates that it charges to its customers in order for those customers to make calls to Digicel’s network.  TSTT was also very pleased at the speed at which the Court heard and determined the manner.