TTPOST using tech to harness power of many into one focus

Interoffice communication in large expanding companies is always a challenge. For TTPost, with over 600 employees and 45 branches across the country – and counting, the same was true. For a company that daily sees the movement of paper-based products from consumer to consumer across the country and overseas, TTPost itself was faced with an interoffice paper overload as it was the Corporation’s main means of communicating.

“A technology gap existed between sites and day-to-day operational and administrative processes, key to efficient mail and package delivery, were performed manually in most instances,” Devon Phillip, Marketing Manager at TTPost told us.

“Service failures were the biggest challenge with prior WAN (Wide Area Network) technologies, also the ability to proactively monitor and manage these circuits required a sizable administrative effort. The cost factor, based on the quantity of individual circuits deployed was yet another overhead faced by the corporation.”

With the implementation of TSTT’s Metro-Ethernet, the Corporation has computerized and streamlined a large section of its operations in order to drastically improve the inter-connection among its outer offices and its main operational centre at Piarco.

“Management of circuits, applications and peripheral systems are now centralized, providing less downtime and maximizing efficiency across the organization.”

Metro Ethernet or  MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) as it is also known , offers high speed WAN connectivity between various customer sites and connectivity to TSTT services including Internet and video conferencing.

“The service offers customers the flexibility to enable IP based telecommunications solutions resulting in more efficient operations,” said Rolph Young, TSTT’s Team Leader Business Development.

“TTPost has over 50 sites with Metro Ethernet installed which means that the flow of information and data between sites is more efficient and as a result this accelerates the speed of business transactions.”

Young added that TSTT has equipment at each location from which the company manages the telecommunications links between locations  and seamlessly interconnects TTPOST’s network.

“ The customer is also given a web portal by which they can monitor the performance of their circuits.”

Globally, the Metro Ethernet service is in high demand and is the most popular of the Ethernet services. The amount of data being transported across internal and external business networks has grown to the point that it now drives enterprise demand for WAN bandwidth.

Metro Ethernet provides users with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective alternative to private lines by integrating of all voice, data and video application seamlessly across the networks.

“For organisations that have many branch locations or expanding with new branches, Metro-e networks would be very cost-effective as each branch needs only one MPLS link to connect to all other branches. If leased lines were to be deployed, each branch would need multiple dedicated lines to connect it to all other branches for point-to-point connectivity! Metro-e makes it easy for instantaneous addition and deletion of sites. Additionally the “any-to-any interoperability” allows the integration of all customer locations irrespective of technology. Service providers take full responsibility for the security of information that is sent over an MPLS network and creates secure IP tunnels throughout the network.

At present, over 5000 businesses employ TSTT’s  Metro Services in Trinidad and Tobago.  

The TTPost team responsible for the monitoring and upkeep of the technology, were trained over a two week period and receive 24/7 support from TSTT. “The core network also has redundant links and network elements with redundant power supplies to ensure 99.99999% availability.”

Ms Phillip further stated that “Inter-connectivity was a fundamental step in the corporation’s pursuit of continuously improving its service levels via modern technology.

“MetroEthernet provided this robust framework allowing TTPost to expand its wide range of products and service offerings to residents at convenient locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago.”