Two men fined and ordered to pay compensation for damage to TSTT cables.

Port of Spain,Trinidad - A Magistrate in Siparia Magistrate Court on Tuesday fined two men $10,000 after finding them guilty of damaging TSTT cables. The men were also ordered to pay TSTT $4,200 in compensation.

Ray Toolsie(23) of School Trace, Santa Flora and Kyle Guytan(19) of L.P.#52 Rivulet Road, Brechin Castle, Couva were apprehended on January 18th this year while stealing TSTT cables along Mondesir Road. The men were caught by TSTT Security officers on patrol with eighty meters of 400 pair / 24 guage cable valued $8,168.00. They were charged for Malicious Damage to TSTT Cables, contrary to Section 69 of the Telecommunications Act(No4) of 2001.

The matter had been called at the Siparia Magistrate several times and was eventually heard on Tuesday December 7th 2010 by Magistrate Deborah O’Connor. Toolsie and Guytan were both found guilty and both were fined $5,000.00 each or in default 9 months hard labour. Additionally, Magistrate O’connor ordered them to pay TSTT compensation in the sum of $4,200.00 or in default face six weeks simple imprisonment. The men were given twenty eight days to pay the fine and compensation.

Including Toolsie and Guytan, eleven person have been arrested so far this year on charges of theft of cables and malicious damage to cables. “We have remained vigilant in managing our problems with cable vandalism and we have had to improve our surveillance and detection strategies to continue to stay on top of the situation,” said Dennis Gordon Vice President of TSTT’s Organisation Risk and Security Services. Gordon commended his officers and the support from the Police service for maintaining high arrest and conviction rates for persons caught vandalizing TSTT’s property. TSTT is also asking anyone with information as to the person(s) responsible for vandalizing a cellsite at Santa Rosa yesterday to contact the Pinto Road Police Station. TSTT personnel were alerted to problems at the site when security alarms were triggered. Upon investigation TSTT personnel found that the fence enclosing the facility was cut and cables and equipment had been damaged to the value of $8,400. A report was made to officers at the Pinto Road Police Station who are conducting investigations.