UWI Fete celebrates Arabic culture

The 2013 edition of the Bmobile-sponsored UWI Fete was nothing short of a successful event. As per usual, tickets for the much loved all-inclusive were purchased at ‘4G’ speeds by faithful feters who patronize the elegant funder-raiser every year.

Having taken its patrons to exotic locations such as China, India and Africa via creative, international themes, the UWI fete organization team celebrated the lifestyle, cuisine and culture of the Arabic community with its 2013 theme, Yalla (which is a very popular Arabic exclamation meaning ‘Hurry up’).

The organizers transformed the grounds of the Campus Principal’s Office, UWI, St. Augustineto represent this theme complete with Middle Eastern furniture, belly dancers and of course an Arabic menu. In addition to traditional Arabic food offerings, guests also had the chance to sample East Indian, Creole and Chinese cuisine as well as a host of top shelf drinks.

Adding to the eclectic and cultural vibe of the event, Bmobile’s aptly attired brand ambassadors lured several spectators to the dynamic Bmobile Blackberry booth. This boothnot only allowed attendees to take photos and upload them instantly to social media e.g. facebook, but it also gave an opportunity to those who could not attend to experience much of the action as it happened. Patrons also, had the chance to win a new Blackberry device at the event courtesy Bmobile’s text to win competition.

Since 1990 this annual all inclusive has been the cornerstone for the UWI Development & Endowment Fund that awards scholarships to undergraduates.

Bmobile continues to pledge its support to this event and is also committed to the provision of scholarships to the university and by extension the overall development of T&T’s professional population.