Visitors experience the latest in telecommunications technology at blink | bmobile Divali Nagar booth

All smiles as fans get to pose with Daren Ganga at blink | bmobile Divali Nagar booth 2014

The theme of this year's Divali Nagar was Lord Shiva who is responsible for change and progress through the destruction of the old and reinvention of the new. This theme was brought to life by the major sponsor of Nagar for over a decade, blink | bmobile, as they presented visitors with opportunities to learn about and experience how communication via mobile, broadband and entertainment technologies have changed and progressed over the years. Visitors were also offered specials on a wide variety of phones, as well as bmobile, BLINK Broadband, BLINK Entertainment and BLINK Vigilance services. Other features at the booth included a lively gaming area, and the chance to top up and win many exciting prizes and merchandise. The annual Divali Nagar to mark the Hindu Festival of Lights ran for 9 nights and came to a grand close on October 22nd 2014 with Divali celebrated on October 23rd.

blink | bmobile also surprised the Nagar audience by hosting Brand Ambassadors' West Indies cricketer Dwayne Bravo and former West Indies cricketer Daren Ganga at the blink | bmobile Divali Nagar Booth.

The star athletes visited the blink | bmobile Nagar booth over the last two nights to spend some time with fans and visitors to the Divali Nagar 2014. Ganga and Bravo had the pleasure of meeting young and old fans who were ecstatic to get autographs and their picture taken with the cricketers.

They also had some fun as they showed off their athletic skills by competing in Xbox One and Kinnect games. Ganga competed against eager patrons in Rock Climbing while Bravo competed in Car Racing. Bravo also delighted the Nagar guests by participating in dance off competitions show off his swag and dance moves from his recent popular music video “Yenda (Dalmeni Dalmeni)."

Daren who has become a regular highlight over the years at the blink | bmobile Divali Nagar booth expressed his usual happiness to be there to meet and interact with Nagar visitors who gravitated towards his warm personality and smile.

This was Dwayne's first Divali Nagar experience and the evening proved to be quite entertaining for the all-round cricketer who shared “This is my 1st time visiting the Divali Nagar and I'm enjoying every moment of it. It's great that blink | bmobile is giving us the opportunity to remember how technology has changed over the years, and to reassure us through the new services on display that blink | bmobile can always be counted on to provide us with the latest technology available." Bravo continued,“I wish to thank blink | bmobile for their ongoing support of me and for the opportunity to embrace my responsibility as a role model tonight. Unfortunately my busy schedule does not permit me to do much of this. I love interacting with people, especially children, and to be able to spend a little time speaking with each person. It's great to be here."

TSTT Executive Vice President, Marketing Rhonda-Lee Yhapp was at the blink | bmobile booth on the closing night. Speaking before the start of the fun and games, Yhapp shared that it was an honour for blink | bmobile to be a major sponsor of the Divali Nagar for yet another year and for BLINK Broadband to provide the broadband technology at the Divali Nagar site.

Yhapp thanked the customers for visiting the booth and for their support over the years. Yhapp noted “blink | bmobile has grown over the years thanks to the continued support of you, our customers. We remain committed to all our customers and blink | bmobile will continue to break new ground and lead the way in bringing advanced telecommunications technology to Trinidad and Tobago." Yhapp continued “Our booth here at the Divali Nagar and the great specials on offer are our way of demonstrating in a clearly tangible way our gratitude to you. Thank you again and Shubh Divali!" 

The 9 days of the Divali Nagar was packed with excitement with more than 300 booths and loads of entertainment including cultural acts every night, a Youth Champ Competition, Miss Divali Nagar Pageant, a dance contest, a folk theatre and an ‘all female’ night. The final night’s festivities featured many performances including lively dance items by the bmobile Shiv Shakti Dance Group and Radha Krishna Dance Group and musical acts by the Country Boys Tassa Group, Karma the Band with Ravi and Nisha Bissambhar, Neval Chatelal and Nirmala Seesnarayan. The Honourable Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar delivered the feature address and presented a cheque for $2M to the National Council for Indian Culture which hosts the Divali Nagar every year.

A selfie moment with Dwayne Bravo at blink | bmobile Divali Nagar booth 2014

Showing off their dance moves as Divali Nagar patronRickie Singh and Dwayne Bravo compete in a dance off using moves from Bravo's music video, Yenda (Dalmeni Dalmeni)


13 year Avinash and Dwayne Bravo entertain the crowd at blink | bmobile Divali Nagar booth 2014 with dance moves from Bravo’s music video, Yenda (Dalmeni Dalmeni)

Naresha Ali, Marketing Manager, bmobile beautifully decked off in her Indian wear spends time with some of the bmobile staff as they get ready to serve blink | bmobile Divali Nagar 2014 customers

This pretty little lady describes her outfit to Rhonda Lee-Yhapp, Acting Executive Vice President, Marketing, blink | bmobile

Beautiful smiles—young cousins share a warm moment together as they spend time at the blink | bmobile Divali Nagar booth 2014

A hug for my hero—WI All-rounder, Dwayne Bravo is greeted with a hug from a fan

Display of camaraderie—Daren and his young Xbox One Rock Climbing competitor exchange pleasantries post game at the blink | bmobile Divali Nagar booth 2014

And the race to the top of the mountain is on. Daren Ganga competes against a fan in Xbox One Rock Climbing at the blink | bmobile Divali Nagar booth 2014