Products and Services

TSTT offers a wide array of additional services for managing your calling plans and helping you get connected. View our Call Master and Smart Services.

This service is used to assist customers with the management of their overseas toll usage. A toll limit, or overseas usage amount, is assigned to customers who have requested the capability to have IDDD or International Distance Direct Dialing. Should they exceed the pre-assigned toll limit within the first two weeks of the current billing period, TSTT will call and notify them and provide additional guidelines.

TSTT customers or an authorized person can obtain a copy of all billed calls that have been completed since the last billing cycle. An 'Interim Bill' request can be made at any of our Customer Service Centres

TSTT customers or persons authorized on their behalf can obtain a copy of an original bill. This request can be made at any of our Customer Service Centres.

This service provides travellers / tourists with immediate access to businesses within the tourism industry i.e. hotels, car rental agencies, etc. The user simply dials a special code which routes the call to the desired party. Courtesy Phones are located at the Piarco and Crown Point International airports

This service facilitates visitors to Trinidad & Tobago who wish to place collect, operator calls using their credit card, or any USA calling card to any destination in the US and Canada. This service is available from selected payphone booths, identified by the Home Direct 1-800-271-1111 sticker. Customers simply dial 1-800-271-1111 and follow the easy automated instructions and their calls are processed to the destination of their choice

TSTT's Home Country Direct Service allows visitors to Trinidad and Tobago to keep in touch with their business, friends and family using an international carrier of their choice such as MCI, AT&T, SPRINT, CANADA DIRECT & UK DIRECT. All calls made using this service are charged by calling card, credit card or collect. Callers utilizing this service are facilitated at specially identified telephones located at any of the following locations:

  • Piarco International Airport (Luggage / arrival / departure areas)
  • Cruise Ship Complex, Port-of-Spain
  • Peake Marine Marina, Chaguaramas
  • Trinidad & Tobago Yachting Association, Chaguaramas
  • Hotels / Guest Houses: Trinidad Hilton Kapok Hotel, Cotton Hill, St. Clair Monique's Guest House, Saddle Road, Maraval
  • TSTT Customer Service Centres: Independence Square, Port-of-Spain St.James Street, San Fernando Caroline Building, Scarborough, Tobago.

TSTT's Maritime Telecommunications Services was formed and functions under the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS CONVENTION) under the auspices of the International Maritime Organization. TSTT's Maritime Section assists our local Coast Guard and Coast Guards from neighbouring countries with search, rescue and emergency sea operations. They also regularly send navigational warnings to vessels at sea.

TSTT's Maritime Telecommunications Section also provides other commercial services. These are: TSTT Radio / Telephone Service This service allows a customer on land to make and receive telephone calls from ships at sea.

TSTT Radio / Telegraph Service
This service allows someone at sea to send telegrams via TSTT's Maritime Telecommunications Services Section. These telegrams are then quickly dispatched to their destinations.

By calling 824-TSTT, customers or parties authorized by the customer can report an 'out of order' or faulty telephone.

By dialling 0, you can receive assistance from the operator to make a call to anyone in the Caribbean, USA, Canada or any country worldwide. The person placing the call must know the full number to be dialled. You must however inform the operator of the type of call to be made, that is either a collect call or a person to person call. Local calls can also be completed this way.

This service allows a customer, with full assistance of the operator, to make a local call or an overseas call to anyone in the world where telephone communications are available. Only a (0) is dialled to access the operator. The name of the person receiving the call must be known by the person placing the call. The operator must know the name of the party placing the call. The operator must also be informed of the type of call to be made, that is, either a collect call, person to person call or a call in which one's credit card will be billed.

Calling 6411 allows you to obtain the listed telephone number and address of a person, business, non-profit organization, government or non-government organization which is required. Newly installed telephone numbers which are not in the Telephone Directory are also available through this service. NB: Unlisted telephone numbers are never released to the general public.

In keeping with the new legal and regulatory framework governing the telecommunications sector in Trinidad and Tobago, a charge of $1.00 VAT exclusive per call was introduced on September 1st, 2006, for calls to Directory Enquiries (6411) from fixed line and mobile phones.

Fixed line customers are entitled to two (2) free calls per month to Directory Enquiries. In addition, all fixed line customers who are visually impaired ** are exempted from this charge of $1.00 per call.

TSTT will continue to have Telephone Directories available annually for the benefit of all our customers free of charge.

** Visually impaired registered owners of fixed lines must register with either the Blind Welfare Association or the Disability Unit of the Ministry of Social Development. These units are charged with the responsibility of authenticating the visually impaired status of individuals and will provide this information to TSTT. There are different centers affiliated to the Ministry of Social Development across Trinidad & Tobago.

This service allows customers to make both local and international calls from their Fixed Line. The service costs $31 plus VAT monthly.