TSTT Home Country Direct Service

TSTT's Home Country Direct Service allows visitors to Trinidad and Tobago to keep in touch with their business, friends and family using an international carrier of their choice such as MCI, AT&T, SPRINT, CANADA DIRECT & UK DIRECT. All calls made using this service are charged by calling card, credit card or collect. Callers utilizing this service are facilitated at specially identified telephones located at any of the following locations:

  • Piarco International Airport (Luggage / arrival / departure areas)
  • Cruise Ship Complex, Port-of-Spain
  • Peake Marine Marina, Chaguaramas
  • Trinidad & Tobago Yachting Association, Chaguaramas
  • Hotels / Guest Houses: Trinidad Hilton Kapok Hotel, Cotton Hill, St. Clair Monique's Guest House, Saddle Road, Maraval
  • TSTT Customer Service Centres: Independence Square, Port-of-Spain St.James Street, San Fernando Caroline Building, Scarborough, Tobago.