Video Cloud Communication
Business travel can be costly and time-consuming.  More people are enjoying the benefits of video conferencing than ever especially with the advent of new technologies that make it so easy to set-up and use.
TSTT’s VCC platform connects multiple video devices running on different platforms  into one video conference thus enabling effective collaboration with several parties simultaneously. We offer a fully-managed cloud solution with end-points, soft-clients, bandwidth and help-desk support.

BLINK Telepresence
Need to save business travel costs and time?   Consider  booking the country’s 1st fully-immersive high-quality video conference service in a comfortable, secure and professional setting where  you and your participants get that feeling everyone is actually in the same room across the conference table.  Try our Telepresence stations which are conveniently located in Port Of Spain and San Fernando today and you may never want to do business travel again.  To make a booking please email us at