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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

bmobile connects ‘A Taste of Buccoo’

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

Viewers near and far were able to experience the 2022 ‘A Taste of Buccoo’ event as ICT solutions provider, bmobile, partnered with the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) to support the traditional Easter experience and ensure its longevity.

The event, which was held recently, was enjoyed by many who were able to choose their experience - either to view it in-person or online - since it was streamed from the Buccoo Integrated Facility located in the picturesque seaside village, courtesy bmobile.

While the massive cultural event did not happen for the past two years owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year, through the vision of the Chief Secretary, a suitably scaled event, aptly titled ‘A Taste of Buccoo’ was hosted.

THA Chief Secretary Mr. Farley Augustine said that he was pleased with the partnership.
“It went well. If nothing else, Covid-19 taught us that if we are not in tune with the technology then we have failed. Whether it is schooling or recreation, we have to be in tune with technology. It's one of the modes that we have to use to push the THA’s agenda, to push Tobago’s mandate and to push what we need to get done in terms of tourism. It is absolutely important.”

Augustine added: “We have a much more planned and organized online presence with the event and that drew a lot of foreigners into the event virtually. A lot of people from the diaspora are getting a chance to also look at the event and so this year’s event is a good sign for next year.”

He described the event as phenomenal.

“In fact, it went even better than we anticipated, we are seeing much larger numbers than we thought we would have gotten at such a last minute. The numbers show that Tobagonians wanted this, that our visitors were looking for that additional activity but more than that, we need to send a clear signal that Tobago is ready, and our economy is now fully open, and we are ready to do business, we are ready to entertain our visitors.”

He said to him, the online viewership told an even greater story than the physical presence.

“We perhaps had more people viewing online than physically present and the place was full. So that tells me that just by virtue of being online – having drone footage overhead of the races and having good commentary going, lively hosts, interviews running throughout the day, having a sense of the festivities being projected online – that in itself is a marketing tool that we cannot measure. A marketing tool for next year’s major event, for all the events that are to come.”

He added: “So, we can look forward to seeing most if not all of the THA’s activities utilizing digital platforms in ensuring that they can have the events spread successfully and encourage people to participate in the Tobago economy.”

TSTT’s General Manager Enterprise Services (Ag.), Darryl Duke, stated that bmobile has been a longstanding partner and was proud to have collaborated once again to make this culturally significant event possible. “As Trinidad and Tobago’s indigenous communications provider, we at bmobile are extremely passionate about supporting local initiatives that make us truly unique as a people, especially when they form memorable experiences for both our citizens and our visitors alike. We are unwavering in our commitment to using technology, investing the required resources, and working with like-minded organizations to support events like ‘A Taste of Buccoo’,” stated Duke.

He added that bmobile was pleased that the ICT services provided, including connectivity, allowed people beyond the shores of Tobago to get a taste of what Buccoo has to offer. “We are confident that the broadcast served to whet the appetites of visitors near and far and overall, will augur well for the unique tourism product that is Tobago. We want to inspire even more visitors coming to the island to be immersed in rich, incomparable cultural experiences, such as an event like this, and to enjoy so much more of Tobago.”

Assistant Secretary in the THA Division of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation Assemblyman Megan Morrison in welcoming the viewers urged them to enjoy what was being offered.

“Easter in Tobago will never be complete without our goat and crab racing and this year will be no different as we are once again opening up the island in so many ways. Although the activities will be somewhat scaled-down because of the times we are in, I sincerely wish that all of us will enjoy and appreciate the efforts of the organizers in keeping this age-old tradition alive and ever-present as an attraction for the benefit of all, and especially the island’s tourism thrust.”

The day’s event included 15 goat races, which ended with a champ of champ’s title. This title was awarded to jockey Doniel Kerr with his goat, British. The duo participated in three races in total.

The goat’s owner, Andre Thomas of Milford Court in Bon Accord, said he was confident in the overall win. He explained he has been training the animal for the past three weeks, as this was its first entry into the annual event. However, he noted that the key to walking away with the title was the jockey himself.

“I had confidence in the goat and also the jockey, I had confidence. The jockey is a seasoned athlete and when you have the kind of confidence in your goat and your jockey, the rest is all up to God.”

The event also included a street parade which highlighted a number of costumed carnival characters and bélé dancers, as well as a maypole dance, while an evening concert brought the curtains down.

One first-timer to the event, British national Gwen Swanson, said she thoroughly enjoyed the event.

“I think it is just good fun after all that the world has experienced over the past two years. I have always heard about the goat and crab racing festival but never experienced it. I will definitely be back.”

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