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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

bmobile helps restore the Tobago Cultural Tradition at the Carnbee/Mt Pleasant Sports Meeting and Goat Races

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

The Carnbee/Mt Pleasant Easter Monday Sports Meeting and Goat Races successfully returned to the Tobago calendar of events this year, with the support of bmobile, the nation’s leading communications services provider.

After a three-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the intense sound of the trumpet signalled the return of the famous sports meeting and goat races which attracted hundreds of locals and tourists to the Mt Pleasant Recreation Grounds on Easter Monday.

The bmobile team was on hand during the event with special promotions, games, and prizes. TSTT’s Manger of Tobago Operations, Onica Blackman expressed pride in collaborating with the council to make this culturally significant event possible. Blackman noted that, “bmobile recognises the importance of local cultural events that celebrate the diversity of Trinidad and Tobago, and we are passionate about supporting local initiatives such as the Carnbee/Mt Pleasant Annual Sports Meeting and Goat Races that highlights the uniqueness of the island and the country.

While area representative Assemblyman Sonny Craig congratulated the council for their 48 years of hosting the event. “It’s really a special thing when after 48 years, you can have an event of this magnitude with this intensity, with this support after such a long time – it speaks to a deliberate effort by the community council to keep this wonderful event going.”

The event featured a range of athletic events, including track and field, a tug-of-war competition for the protective services, and an easter bonnet parade. However, the star attraction was the eleven goat races. The crowd was attentive as the powerful animals galloped down the racetrack, and goat owner Courtney Potts, who participated in ten of the races, said, “Being back on the track with the animals after the pandemic was a phenomenal feeling.” He added: “I think the whole island was waiting for something like this – especially holiday time, all the kids are at home; they want to go, they want to do something.”

The introduction of the maypole event for the very first time was another highlight of the event. The maypole dance is a ceremonial folk dance performed around a tall pole, usually adorned with flowers and long strips of colourful ribbons. The President of the Community Council, Henry Smith, noted that the aim of the new event was to attract more young people to the celebration of Tobago’s rich sporting culture.
Smith also expressed his gratitude to bmobile for their support, which contributed to the continuation of the important tradition of bringing communities together through sports and festivities.

Additionally, patrons enjoyed a variety of food, including crab and dumpling, pork and provision, stewed Tobago pigeon peas, souse, sweets, and boiled corn. This year's special honouree, Barbara Baynes, was recognised for her contribution to the council and the community.

Tourists enthusiastically gathered as they looked on in amazement as the goats raced. Several of them said they were passengers on the Rhapsody of the Seas cruise ship that docked at the Scarborough port earlier that day and were looking forward to the event.

Julianna Blue of Pennsylvania said she is thrilled to have been in Tobago in time for the event.

“There are goat races in Pennsylvania, but not on such a large scale and we don’t use them for racing so this for me was worth seeing.”

Brendon Darrelle said it is the first time he has seen a goat race.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. I will definitely return with my family next year,” he said.
Overall, the event was a celebration of community spirit and Tobago's unique cultural traditions, and bmobile's contribution helped to ensure its success.

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