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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

AMPLIA adopts Sangre Grande Community
Aims to Increase Residents’ Wellbeing and Raise Community Spirit

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

Creating safe and clean spaces for communities to come together can improve people’s wellbeing, their sense of safety and security and feelings of unity. As part of its commitment to improving the quality of life in the town of Sangre Grande, communications solutions provider AMPLIA is investing in the creation of sustainable spaces for residents.

This investment supports AMPLIA’s mission of positively influencing change in communities across Trinidad and Tobago.

AMPLIA’s relationship with Sangre Grande was initiated six years ago. Sasha Lowhar-Best, Marketing Manager, Amplia Communications, says she is pleased with the outcomes of their support of the communities in the Sangre Grande North East area. “We have adopted this area as one that is near and dear to the AMPLIA family. More than ever, projects that include events to bring the community together alongside infrastructure and beautification are necessary. Together, they work to bring people out of their homes to shared spaces, which helps the community as we leave the ‘lockdown’ mentality of the pandemic behind. But it is also key to creating a safer country. When we get to know our neighbours, we can better be our neighbours’ keepers,” she elaborates.

Councillor for Sangre Grande North East, Paul Mongolas who championed numerous projects focused on residents’ well-being noted, “the first thing I recognised was that there was a need to sustainably beautify the environment, because when the environment looks good, people feel good and it also creates a healthier and safer community,” he said.

AMPLIA supported the community’s inaugural Sports Day and also actively joined the beautification pilot program with the donation of several benches in nearby areas and one local school.

The AMPLIA Marketing Manager notes that clean community spaces bring positive health and wellness benefits by having people exercise more. “A healthy environment means healthier and happier human beings and as a company, we are happy to see the benches being used and enjoyed by old and young alike.”
Mongolas recalls the students of the Sangre Grande Seventh Day Adventist School were overjoyed to receive the additional benches in the schoolyard. “They were so excited about the donation.” Benches were also installed near the community and sports grounds. Senior citizens make use of them in the evenings and the community’s youth appreciate the comfort they provide while enjoying friendly community basketball and football events.

AMPLIA, a subsidiary of the nation’s largest and only native communications service provider, TSTT, remains committed to developing communities across T&T as it does to providing best-in-class fibre optic communications.

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