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bmobile celebrates with Tobago’s Scholarship Winner

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

bmobile joined in the celebration of the achievement of Tobago's Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) open scholarship winner at a reception held in her honour by the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Division of Education, Innovation and Energy.

19-year-old Treverra James of Bishop's High School, Tobago is the island's national scholarship winner for 2021. James, who hails from the Signal Hill community, was awarded an open scholarship in Technical Studies.

Treverra was presented with a bmobile Technology Support Package to support her in her tertiary studies.

In making the presentation, Onica Blackman, Enterprise Marketing and Communications Manager, TSTT, Tobago Operations, congratulated Treverra for her outstanding achievement. "On behalf of the management and staff of Tobago Operations, we congratulate Treverra James on her educational achievement. She has made Tobago proud; she has made her school proud; she has made her family proud. A major pillar of the company's corporate social responsibility involves encouraging and rewarding our young people's educational achievements. When we invest in them, we invest in the future, which is fundamental to our nation's growth and sustainability. We congratulate Treverra on her achievements, and we wish her continued success."

Blackman also commended her parents, Trevor and Sherra James, for their role in their Treverra's accomplishments. She is the second sibling in the household to receive an open national scholarship within three years. Back in 2017, Treverra's elder sister Safiya, another past student of Bishop's High School, was awarded an open scholarship and is currently in Ireland studying medicine.

Blackman said: "We recognise the important role education plays in our society, and bmobile is committed to doing our part to support and encourage students to strive for academic excellence."

Treverra said that she was really excited to receive the bmobile technology package. "I feel very elated, excited – I feel happy to see bmobile recognise my achievement. I would now be able to use the gift that they have given me to now help me as I pursue my academic studies. It is really something that I am thankful for."

As the first person from Bishop's High School to pursue Food and Nutrition at the CAPE level, she has her eyes set on attending a university in the UK, becoming a dietician, and returning home to tackle the island's longstanding challenges of non-communicable diseases.

"I have applied to universities in the UK, I am currently awaiting offers to make my decision in terms of which I would attend. For me, being able to observe the prevalence of various non-communicable diseases in Tobago, I would have sought a way which I could impact – a way in which I can make a positive change in the lives of Tobagonians. Being a dietician, being able to impact our diets is my way in which I can give back to the communities that have helped to shape me."

Her father, Trevor said: "I feel fabulous. It is something that my daughter has worked extremely hard for and I am honoured to see her have this achievement."


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