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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

bmobile joins with Carnbee/Mt. Pleasant Community Council to celebrate Tobago's Vibrant Community Spirit at 49th Annual Easter Monday Sports Meeting.

TSTT Corporate Communications

For more than 25 years, bmobile’s support continues to fuel one of the cornerstones of Tobago’s cultural calendar, the Carnbee/Mt. Pleasant Easter Monday Sports and Family Day. Now in its 49th year, the event has blossomed into a major attraction for locals and visitors and fosters community togetherness on the island. Fun and excitement filled the air at this year’s meet as hundreds came out to witness the activities that showcase Tobago's rich and diverse culture.

According to bmobile's Manager of Tobago Operations, Onica Blackman, "As a company deeply rooted in Tobago's communities, bmobile is honoured to play a role in events like the Easter Monday Sports Meeting. We believe there is tremendous value in community gatherings to strengthen bonds and celebrate traditions. Supporting initiatives that bring people together aligns with our core values of empowerment and enrichment.”

The highlight of the day was the thrilling goat races, which captivated spectators both young and old. From gripping sprints to nail-biting finishes, the races showcased Tobago's unique cultural heritage. bmobile, as a proud sponsor, ensured that attendees of all ages were treated to a day filled with excitement and engagement. bmobile hosted a range of interactive games and activities, allowing visitors to not only immerse themselves in the festivities but also to get competitive and showcase their skills.

Henry Smith, President of the Carnbee/Mt. Pleasant Community Council, which hosts the annual meet, was happy with the event’s success, now celebrating nearly half a century of tradition. "We give thanks to the Almighty for this gathering and for all our achievements," he remarked. Smith also highlighted the invaluable support from sponsors, notably bmobile, whose contributions have been instrumental in the event's continued prosperity. "Their commitment is commendable, and we express our heartfelt gratitude.

Echoing the sentiments of community leaders, Assemblyman Sonny Craig, THA electoral representative for Buccoo/Mt. Pleasant, lauded the event's organisation and community spirit. "The turnout is truly impressive. The dedication of the village council and volunteers underscores the strength of our community," he remarked, emphasising the important role of grassroots initiatives.

This year, the event honoured Jean Scott-Henry, a stalwart of the community council whose dedication has left an indelible mark on the organisation. Expressing her gratitude, Scott-Henry reflected on her journey and the council's collective achievements. "I am deeply honoured by this recognition. Together, we look ahead to the future with optimism and renewed vigour," she affirmed.

Recognising the importance of connectivity, bmobile facilitated seamless access to essential services throughout the event. From top-ups to inquiries about products and services, attendees benefited from convenient service stations staffed by knowledgeable representatives.In sponsoring the 49th annual Easter Monday Sports Meeting, bmobile reaffirmed its dedication to Tobago's development and the enduring spirit of its communities. As the sun set on yet another successful gathering, it was evident that the bonds forged and memories created would echo for generations to come.

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