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bmobile's Commitment to Tobago Heritage Festival 2023: Preserving Traditions and Cultural Legacy

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Press Release

Tobago’s rich cultural legacy is on full display as the 36th annual Tobago Heritage Festival 2023 enters its second week of activities and runs until August 11, 2023. The festival showcases a diverse array of the island’s traditions and hosts dozens of events that pay tribute to Tobago's unique legacy. As part of its commitment to preserving and promoting the nation’s traditions and culture, bmobile is once again partnering with the organisers to ensure the successful hosting of events.

As the nation’s only indigenous communications solutions provider, bmobile will be involved in two of the festival’s main events; the Moriah Ole Time Wedding on July 29 and the Emancipation Day Celebrations on August 1.

The festival's opening night gala at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex saw the crowning of Garve Sandy as the Calypso Monarch and Melinda Alfred as Miss Tobago Heritage Personality. The festivities continued with the Plymouth J’ouvert and Ole Time Carnival on Saturday, followed by the serene Charlotteville Natural Treasures Day on Monday.

For over 15 years, bmobile has shown its unwavering commitment to the Tobago Heritage Festival. The company's Manager, Tobago Operations, Onica Blackman, was delighted to be part of this significant cultural event once again. Blackman noted, “bmobile's deep-rooted commitment to Tobago's cultural preservation is evident in its active participation in the Tobago Heritage Festival. By sponsoring the Moriah Ole Time Wedding and Emancipation Day Celebrations, bmobile upholds its dedication to supporting our local traditions and cultural customs.”

She added that, “witnessing the festival's growth, with visitors coming from around the world to experience the island's history and rich culture, is a source of pride for bmobile.” Blackman also commended the THA Division of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities, and Transportation for their ongoing commitment to showcasing Tobago's history and culture.

The theme of this year's festival, "Homage," underscores the festival's essence as a joyous ode to Tobago's ancestry, traditions, and customs that have shaped the island throughout the centuries. THA’s Secretary of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities & Transportation, Councillor Tashia Burris expressed that homage is not solely an act of remembrance but a profound expression of gratitude, respect, and admiration for those who have left a lasting impact.

Councillor Burris encouraged festival attendees to reflect on the individuals, both past and present, who have enriched their lives. Homage, she emphasized, is about recognizing the collective power of human connections and building upon the legacies of those who came before us. By leaving a legacy of kindness, compassion, and progress, attendees are reminded of their responsibility to positively impact future generations.

The Tobago Heritage Festival 2023 stands as a testament to the island's rich cultural heritage and the collective efforts of individuals and organizations like bmobile. As the festival continues to flourish, it serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of honoring and celebrating the vibrant cultural legacy that has shaped Tobago into the captivating island it is today.
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