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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

bmobile's Continued Support Shines at 2024
Rainbow Cup Tobago Triathlon

TSTT Corporate Communications

Sport offers a powerful avenue for personal growth, community enhancement, and youth development, guiding young people towards becoming exemplary citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.
This sentiment was echoed by Jason Gooding, head organizer and race director of the 2024 Rainbow Cup Tobago International Triathlon, following the successful event held at Turtle Beach Heritage Park in Black Rock, Tobago recently.
For this year’s 18th edition, longstanding sponsor bmobile renewed their commitment to the multi-sport event, which featured top triathletes from Spain, the UK, Poland, the USA, Colombia, Venezuela, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago.
Onica Blackman, Manager Tobago Operations, emphasized the company’s dedication to providing a platform for both young and seasoned athletes to challenge themselves and build camaraderie. “We recognize the importance of regularly investing in sporting events, as it plays a crucial role in helping youth and young people achieve their full potential,” Blackman stated. “The Rainbow Cup is a unique event that offers a healthy, challenging environment, allowing athletes to nurture their skills and further develop their talent.”
bmobile’s continued support is pivotal in ensuring the success and growth of the Rainbow Cup Tobago. By sponsoring this event, bmobile helps to foster a vibrant sporting culture and contributes to the holistic development of young athletes.
This year, Liam D’Abadie and Dwayne Roach were crowned new champions of the 2024 Rainbow Cup Tobago sprint and standard triathlon events, respectively. Sixteen-year-old D’Abadie of Giants Multisport excelled, completing the swim-cycle-run event in 1:09.29, securing his second Rainbow Cup win in three months. XO Multisport’s Jacob Cox finished a close second at 1:09.32, with D’Abadie’s club-mate Noah Teixeira placing third with a time of 1:14.31.
In the women’s category, 17-year-old Jenae-Marie Price emerged victorious with a time of 1:24.44. Christiane Farah earned silver in 1:26.40, while OAW’s Angela Bayne took bronze in 1:29.33.
The standard triathlon saw Dwayne Roach improve on his 2023 runner-up finish, winning in 2:37.56. Eduardo Vicaria of 868 Triathlon (2:48.55) came in second, while OAW’s Kieran De Freitas (2:51.02) claimed third. Raiders Cycling and Multisport’s Magdalena Leschik won the women’s category and placed sixth overall with a time of 3:19.15. XO Multisport’s Aliya Drakes was second in 3:38.42, finishing ninth overall.
In the 5km race, Kayden Siewrattan of Richard Jones Racing secured gold in 18:15, followed by Guswil George (18.27) of TT Road Runners Club and Raheem Modeste (18.50) completing the top three.
Gooding, a Level 2 ITU Technical Official and Triathlon Coach, expressed his gratitude for bmobile’s ongoing support. “bmobile has been a steadfast supporter for as long as I can remember. Their support benefits not just the athletes but also the local community, including hotels, food vendors.
Reflecting on his personal journey, Gooding credited sport with transforming his life, steering him away from potential negative influences. He acknowledged Trinidad and Tobago’s 1964 Summer Olympics men’s 4x400m bronze medallist Edwin Skinner for inspiring his introduction to sport. “Mr. Skinner encouraged me to run, which eventually led me to triathlon. Sport provided me with a positive outlet and opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”
Gooding, also part of the organizing committee for the upcoming Caricom 10k event in Trinidad, concluded, “The Rainbow Cup inspires and motivates athletes. Without such goals, our athletes wouldn’t be training for big international tournaments. It provides direction and purpose.”

2024 Rainbow Cup Tobago Results (Top 3)
Sprint Distance Relay Triathlon
• John Procope/ Stephen Alexander/ Guswil George (Indoor Cycle Works) 1:07.25
• Adrian Mike/ Douglas D’Abadie/ Kayden Siewrattan (Massy SR) 1:07.56
• Josiah Alexander/ Lukas Clarke/ Iwan Choo Ying (Raiders Multisport) 1”19.40
• Kayden Siewrattan (Richard Jones Racing) 18.15
• Guswil George (TTRRC) 18.27
• Raheem Modeste (Sabres Multisport) 18.50
Sprint Triathlon
• Liam D’Abadie (Giants Multisport) 1:09.29
• Jacob Cox (XO Multisport) 1:09.32
• Noah Teixeira (Giants Multisport) 1:14.3
Standard Triathlon
• Dwayne Roach (Unattached) 2:37.56
• Eduardo Vicaria (868 Triathlon) 2:48.55
• Kieran De Freitas (OAW) 2:51.02
Youth 13-15
• Benjamin Carmino (Giants Multisport) 38.09
• Josiah Alexander (Raiders Multisport) 38.46
• Pierce Dalton-Brown (XO Multisport) 39.17
Youth 10-12
• Aiden Nixon (HVC Spartans) 41.51
• Jacob Alleyne (Giants Multisport) 45.54
• Marcus Singh (Giants Multisport) 46.01
• Blaine Williams (Giants Multisport) 47.11
• Zara Nicolls (SJCTT) 50.25
• Joshua Bridgemohan (Open Road Challenge) 51.48
Youth 6-9
• Ty Scott (Open Road) 10.31
• 2. Lillie-Belle Balkisson (Fits Kids Multisport) 10.53
• Halle Gooding (Rainbow Warriors) 11.03
Youth 3-5
• Daniel De Freitas (Rainbow Warriors) 5.00
• Xavier Kai-Lee Tung (868 Triathlon) 7.00
• Benjamin Schulze Frenking (868 Triathlon) 7.20

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