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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

bmobile Allows Data-free Access for TTPS Reporting and Safety App

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

bmobile will now allow zero-rated data access to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) App. This means that customers of the network can now access the App, report an issue or crime and even use the SOS Alert system without having a data plan or even credit on their account.
Darryl Duke, General Manager Enterprise Services (Ag.) at TSTT, welcomed this opportunity to continue its strategic alliance with the TTPS in the fight against crime.

He noted that, “This partnership reinforces the company’s support of nationwide initiatives which can have a positive impact on our nation’s safety and security by employing the effective and efficient use of technology like we did with bmobile Vigilance.”

He also added that, “This initiative now realises 100% zero-rated access (free usage) for any bmobile customer in this country with a smartphone who can install and use the App. We expect to see a significant uptake in downloads and usage of the App, and this will support the TTPS and our citizens, as we strive to be our brother’s keeper. He encouraged users to visit their device’s app stores to find and download the App and keep it visible for their use as needed. “We can all do our part to tackle the scourge of crime and we are proud of this alliance between ourselves, private enterprise, and the TTPS to bring this fantastic initiative to fruition,” Duke concluded.

The TTPS App is a Law Enforcement and Public Safety Technology that allows the TTPS to better connect with the public and offer personal safety services through a mobile smartphone. The App was developed by Shaare Technologies. Through the App, the TTPS keeps the public informed about its nationwide policing activities, and the public can report crimes to the TTPS with supporting photos and videos. Also, the App’s SOS feature allows users to alert the police of their identity and exact location when their life is in imminent danger.

The TTPS reports that the App currently has over 30,000 active users. Also, there have been more

than 15,000 crime reports, ranging from child abuse to domestic abuse as well as those reports around drugs, guns, and ammunition, etc., too.
Francis Joseph, Head Corporate Communications Unit for the TTPS, welcomed the free access now available to bmobile customers. “There were many persons in our society who found themselves in need of accessing the App but just at that time, did not have data on their device. This will now help to bring more crimes into the light so that we can respond and assist as needed or do our investigations,” he pointed out. Joseph also explained that once the Emergency SOS on the App is triggered, it alerts the Operational Command Centre, sending the message out to emergency response units on patrol 24 hours a day.

“So far, we have had good successes with response times depending on the location, which has allowed us to intervene and apprehend suspects,” he noted. “Just this week, a citizen using the App allowed us to intervene in a crime in progress,” he added. Joseph stated that ‘free’ access to the App had been the most requested feature since its launch. “Thanks to bmobile’s gift of free data for the use of the TTPS App, crime reporting and Emergency SOS are now available to the public from any mobile smartphone at any time.”

He also thanked the public for their support and partnership with the Service. Users of the App must ensure that they have Location services turned on for the device and the App to access certain services such as the Emergency SOS feature.

The TTPS App is easily downloadable from the Google Play Stores and Apple iOS Stores (or from the TTPS website) and is free to download and install. Customers can use the App anonymously without activating location services, but the location will be needed if a report is made or the Emergency feature is used. Users can also rest assured that their locations cannot be tracked otherwise - and will only be active for the SOS feature or if a formal police report is made. In addition, only designated members of the police service can access reports made by the public to ensure confidentiality as they are at local police stations.

For more information on the app, visit

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