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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

bmobile and RAMPS Logistics Collaborate to help Bridge the Digital Gap

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

Continuing in the same capacity as several digital device distributions in 2020, bmobile partnered with one of its valued clients, RAMPS Logistics, to help bridge the digital gap for students in T&T who will now benefit from devices and connectivity for their online classes.

RAMPS Logistics and bmobile combined resources and collaborated to provide Smart Devices equipped with WIFI to Ezekiel Home for Abandoned Children, Chickland Children’s Home and Ryu Dan Dojo Youth Empowerment Centre. The three beneficiaries were identified by RAMPS Logistics as part of their ‘Cross Border Device Drive’; an initiative launched by the company to provide 1000 devices to students in need across the regional territories in which the organisation operates in.

Mr. Ian Galt, General Manager Enterprise Services at TSTT, noted bmobile’s ongoing commitment to doing its part to ensure that the nation’s children keep in line with the global shift to technology and online learning. Mr. Galt said, “Now that our education systems have had to pivot, by way of the pandemic, to learning via smart devices, we saw that in this crisis that there was also great opportunity. Ensuring that the children of Trinidad and Tobago are connected and technologically-forward will redound in great benefits in the years to come. We also note the emotional impact that this has in keeping these children motivated in what was a sudden transition. We are greatly inspired by collaborative efforts like this partnership with RAMPS Logistics. RAMPS is one of our valued customers, who plays an active role to help improve the communities in which they operate so we were very pleased for the opportunity to help them achieve their goal.”

During a visit to one of the beneficiary Children Homes, Mr. Lincoln Morris, Acting Manager, Chickland Children’s Home, pointed out that it was a timely intervention which will help their children develop further. “These children, some of them, would have come from broken homes and difficult situations. This will go a long way to restore some sense of comfort and sensibility to their lives,” he added. Also on hand was Ms. Mary Edwards, Assistant Manager, Ezekiel Home for Abandoned Children, the second beneficiary Children’s Home, who noted, “We are very grateful to RAMPS Logistics and bmobile for the devices that they have given to us at this time. These will go a long way to help us ensure that our children continue to receive their education.”

The third receiving organisation, the Ryu Dan Dojo, is a youth empowerment Centre established in 2013 that provides programs to support the social, intellectual, and physical development of youth in the Chaguanas Community. Sensei Marva John Logan, one of the founders of the Dojo and Empowerment Centre highlighted, “We are really happy for this collaboration; words cannot describe this empowering moment. We believe that this is one step in our staircase but a big one, as we believe in each one, teach one, and each one, help one. Children are very important in our society and we appreciate that both RAMPS Logistics and bmobile recognise this as well.”

At the device distribution, Mr. Dale Lutchman, Head of Customer Experience at RAMPS Logistics, said, “We understand the plight faced by disadvantaged students, families and children’s homes throughout the region during this pandemic. We believe every child has the right to proper education, and no child should be left behind. We are elated that our long-standing stakeholder, bmobile, partnered with us to give connectivity for the devices we are providing to students who are indeed the leaders of tomorrow.”

RAMPS Logistics is a leading provider of supply chain solutions across Latin America and the Caribbean. The company was awarded the 2020 Internationally Known, T&T Owned Company of the Year Award by the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce Champions of Business Awards. Mr. Rudy Rampersad, Head of Regional Initiatives for RAMPS Logistics received the contribution on behalf of the company.

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