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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

Bmobile Business Supports ‘Phil The Gap’ in T&T’s Financial Literacy Education with I Invest Programme.

TSTT Corporate Communications

TSTT, through its brand bmobile business, has partnered with registered Investment Advisor and personal finance guru, Phillip Williams, to launch the “Phil The Gap’ I Invest programme. The launch, which took place on Friday 15th March, saw the coming together of the country’s telecommunications and finance leaders to reaffirm the importance of personal finance knowledge in wealth creation.

Siobhan Thompson, Enterprise Marketing Lead, bmobile Business, told those gathered smartphones have revolutionized the way people acquire financial knowledge. “With a few taps on our smartphones, we can access a world of investment opportunities and information right at our fingertips.”

Thompson said beyond providing services, one of bmobile Business’ goals was widening the availability of these financial tools, platforms and advice as a technology partner. “Through our collaboration with ‘Phil the Gap’, we are opening doors to knowledge and opportunities that many thought were out of reach.”

Williams, more popularly known as ‘Phil’ through his Instagram series, said he has experienced first-hand just how out of reach a sound understanding of personal finance was throughout T&T. The investment advisor estimated only one in three people were financially literate.

“That means two out of three people are not going to do the best with their money because they don’t have access to the information.” The ‘I Invest’ programme is the next evolution in his efforts to spread his investment expertise. “The reason that this programme is called ‘I Invest’ is that it’s an investment in yourself,” he told the audience.

Williams explained it was designed to meet people wherever they were on their financial journey and help them fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

Modules in the programme will include:

● Getting Started
● Increasing your Financial IQ
● Financial Vehicles
● Fundamental Analysis
● Portfolio Construction

Thompson revealed one of the next advances the country could expect from the telecommunications provider will be with its e-money infrastructure. “It’s about empowering our citizens to thrive in this digital age. As a technology partner in Trinidad and Tobago’s development, there can be no win without financial access for everyone.”

bmobile Business supports businesses both large and small to realize their dreams which will result in a better

To honour this commitment to financial education and inclusiveness, as the I Invest programme rolls out, bmobile customers will have the opportunity to win fully packages sponsored by bmobile Business to set themselves on the path to financial self-sufficiency.

Representatives from the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange and the NCB Merchant Bank also delivered remarks at the event.

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