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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

bmobile Celebrates Tobago's Legacy as Platinum Sponsor of Tobago Heritage Festival 2024

TSTT Corporate Communications

Uncover the stories that shaped Tobago's unique identity! The highly anticipated Tobago Heritage Festival returns for 2024, and bmobile is thrilled to be back on board as a platinum sponsor for over two decades.
More than just entertainment, the month-long festival (July 1- August 1), is a true representation of everything that makes Tobago one-of–a-kind – from its captivating storytelling and traditional dance to its mouthwatering cuisine and awe-inspiring crafts. Through a variety of exciting events and activities, Tobago Heritage offers a chance to connect with the island's vibrant past, ensuring these traditions continue to resonate with both islanders and visitors for generations to come.
As a longstanding partner, and the nation’s only indigenous communications solutions provider, bmobile is actively involved in several key events throughout the festival: Games We Used to Play on July 14, Bachelor Night (Pork Tea Lime) on July 19, Tobago Ole Time Wedding on July 20, and the popular Emancipation Day Parade carded for August 1.
“bmobile understands the importance of preserving our cultural heritage. It's the very foundation that shapes who we are and where we come from,” says Onica Blackman, Manager– Tobago Operations, TSTT. "Our sponsorship aims to enhance the community experience by fostering a deeper appreciation for our roots. At bmobile, we are committed to supporting initiatives that celebrate and promote Trinidad and Tobago's cultural diversity, and this event is a cornerstone of Tobagonian identity. We are excited to play our part in ensuring its continued success,” she adds.
Marketing and Communications Manager of the Tobago Festivals Commission, Anjaana Downes says excitement is building for this year’s instalment. From the Harvest Food contest to the Choir competition and Harvest Cantata, Tobago, she says, will be on full display. “So, let's come together, reconnect with our past, and celebrate our vibrant culture and heritage!” Expressing gratitude to bmobile for its unwavering commitment, she adds that, “we truly value not only the contribution but also the relationship that we have built between the two organisations over the years. We can, without a doubt, say that bmobile is one of our most valued partners and we look forward to our continued synergistic interaction in the future.”
Embodied by this year's theme, "We Come Back," The Tobago Heritage Festival promises an unforgettable journey. So, come experience the magic, and discover, or rediscover, a culture like none other!

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