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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

bmobile Lends Support to Living Water Community

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

As we weather the economic and humanitarian storms wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, governments worldwide continue to grapple with finding ways to ensure those most at-risk have their basic needs met. For Trinidad and Tobago, in our second wave of lockdowns, the need to support those most at-risk is greater than ever. Much of this is alleviated by the yeoman work of NGOs and charitable organisations across the country. Still, they too have seen the demand on their food banks and hamper programmes stretched thinly in recent months. Charitable agencies depend even more now on support from corporate entities to step forward. Communications solution provider, bmobile, understands this and has been doing its part to help.

Rosemary Scott of the Living Water Community (LWC) noted that demand for their relief services has more than doubled since the first lockdown measures were put in place in 2020. "We have always helped the poor and needy but the demand being placed now exceeds anyone's expectations. The longer we remain in this uncertain economic state, the more the numbers are climbing," she highlighted. "At present, we have closed our registration for July. We are currently serving 700 hampers on a weekly basis and meet the needs of 300 people each day with cooked meals and sandwiches in the Port of Spain area and environs," she highlighted. While many organisations have different means of funding these efforts, the Living Water Community, a Catholic Lay Ecclesial Community, depends primarily on personal and corporate contributions.

Answering that call in 2020, bmobile saw the need to ensure that the excellent work of the LWC can continue in 2021. Gerard Cooper, General Manager Shared Services at TSTT, empathised with citizens in these difficult times. He noted that, "These are unprecedented times that we live in. As a company majority-owned by the people of Trinidad and Tobago, we are doing our part in so many ways - from ensuring that school-age children have access to devices and connectivity or that our artistes in the cultural community still have events and competitions to aspire to.

But we also recognise that there is deep-seated hardship in the communities we serve every day and are proud to stand by organisations such as the Living Water Community in the good and just work that they do.”

The Living Water Community pre-registers persons and ensures they fit the criteria for assistance. While July registration is currently closed, they hope that further contributions from persons and corporate entities can expand their work in time. Rosemary Scott of LWC pointed out that meals and sandwiches are personally contributed each day to help feed persons in the city centre. Every contribution finds a place with a person in need, whether that is food, money or items for hampers. "We have been blessed by the generosity of the public as well as corporate sponsors like bmobile. We strongly feel that it is important to feed people every day. We say a big thank you to so many people who have contributed," she noted. "If everyone helps their neighbours around them or the persons in the community directly, if we continue to do all this together, we will get through this," she added.

Interested persons can visit Living Water Community on Facebook @lwctt or contact their office at 235-5510.

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