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bmobile partners with The Patrons of The Arts Foundation to provide artistic bursary for music students

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Twenty-year-old Kymani Mc Phie dreams of becoming an international musician on the steelpan. He hopes to one day open his own music school so that he can give back to his community and nurture the upcoming generation. Those dreams are now closer to reality for the Gasparillo resident thanks to a US$5000 artistic bursary courtesy The Patrons of The Arts Foundation powered by bmobile.
A former Presentation College student, Mc Phie placed first in a steelpan competition hosted by The Patrons last December and was awarded the bursary to pursue his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Music at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT). Over the years, the non-profit organisation has awarded several bursaries in all aspects of the performing arts to those pursuing tertiary education. “Upon hearing that I placed first, and from the messenger being none other than Professor of Music at The UTT, Dr Mia Gormandy who I look up to, I was very elated and shocked. I didn't expect to win but it was music to my ears,” said Mc Phie, who’s now in his second semester. “Being awarded this much in financial aid was not only a great moment for me but for my parents as well, as they knew that it would be a catalyst in providing me with the resources I needed to go further in my career."
Anjanie Ramesar-Soom of bmobile’s Corporate, Environmental, Social & Reputation Management team stated that bmobile is a longstanding advocate for cultural preservation and education and has always identified music and the arts as essential components of Trinidad and Tobago’s rich cultural landscape. "The Patrons’ dedication to preserving and enhancing our cultural heritage aligns seamlessly with our company's mission to create platforms for young talents to thrive in the areas of music and the arts. We believe in the transformative power of music, and we are truly happy to see young people like Kymani take pride in taking up the mantle to propel the steelpan industry forward. We should all be proud to know that our national instrument has become a musical symbol that can, today, be heard in just about every corner of the globe.”
Brian Wood, Chairman of the Patrons of Arts Foundation, expressed his gratitude for bmobile's continuous support in creating life-changing opportunities for young talent. "bmobile's commitment to supporting culture is unparalleled. We are truly grateful for their sponsorship,” said Wood. “bmobile recognises that arts and culture reaches everybody. The steelpan is indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago and many people do not realise that tertiary education in pan is important and can be monetised into a real career. We need more people to learn music, learn the instrument and learn the culture behind it. The instrument transforms lives, takes you around the world and adds to the richness of our history.”
The Patrons of the Arts Foundation, formally known as The Patrons of Queens Hall, was established in 1986. It is dedicated to supporting the development of all aspects of the Creative Arts. Its mission is to foster excellence in all art forms by supporting initiatives through skills development and sustainable artistic experiences at all levels.

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