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bmobile upgrades all mobile plans, invites anyone to try its network for free

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

Good news for bmobile customers – the company has upgraded all of its mobile plans and customers will begin to receive improved phone packages along with additional benefits and features from today (June 24) at no added cost. The new plans include significantly increased data allowances and enhanced features that everyone within the bmobile family will begin to enjoy within the next 30 days.
The bmobile initiative will affect all prepaid and postpaid plans and has been inspired by customer feedback and months of research.
TSTT’s General Manager Wireless Solutions, Brian Collins, said, “All of our plans have been carefully curated to provide customers with the best value for money in the market. Our commitment to continual innovation in the mobile space has seen bmobile launch the first 3G and 4G networks and we are the only operator to offer unlimited 4G LTE data across all of our packages. To complement our seven 4G LTE unlimited data products, customers will see their data limit increase to a minimum of 20 GB, that's a 600% increase.”
Along with increasing the minimum data limit and offering free WhatsApp and Facebook messaging and free roaming data, bmobile has also included the following boosters to their new plans, at no additional cost:
- The expansion of ‘Anywhere’ minutes to include all Zone one countries and territories. This means that customers can call the US, UK, Canada, China, Hong Kong and India with these minutes
- The Company believes in offering the best in local and international news. As such, all three daily newspapers (Express, Guardian and Newsday), as well as BBC and CNN, have been zero rated. This ensures that everyone on the bmobile network has 24 hour access to news and current affairs, without any concern of depleting their already boosted data packages
Collins said, “At bmobile, we believe in giving our customers more choice and freedom, that's why we offer the best in local and international news, and we are the first in the market to provide unlimited WhatsApp and Facebook messaging and up to 5GB of free data roaming to help everyone stay connected when next they travel.”
With bmobile’s system wide upgrade, all mobile customers will see their data limit increase to a minimum of 20 GB – this means that in addition to the other enhancements, a customer with a $199. monthly plan will now get to enjoy 20 GB of data instead of 3 GB, for the same $199.
Collins reiterated that the company’s offer was the result of many months of work geared to provide customers with the best value for their dollar, “This is not a promotion. We have been working towards this for some time, using customer analytics and the latest technology available to ensure that we give our customers the best value and services in the market. This is bmobile’s new standing offer, it is here to stay.
“Unlike others, all of our plans are fully 4G LTE. Once you are in an area with LTE coverage and you have an LTE sim (this entails simple swap at one of our stores if you do not have an LTE sim), you will enjoy the full LTE experience. There are no restrictions for LTE and there is no throttling on our network. LTE is always LTE.”
Confident in its service and the new packages, bmobile has issued an invitation to would-be customers to try its service for 30 days, free of charge, without any obligation or commitment.
bmobile’s invitation to a free no-strings-attached 30-day trial for anyone who is not part of the bmobile family is testimony to our belief in the service, Collins said: “We have full confidence in our network and the service we provide. If you accept our invitation to try our network for free, and you’re not satisfied after 30 days, you can leave freely. We are not holding anyone hostage for 180 days. We are actually giving up this six-month layer that was put in place to protect operators because we want to give customers more freedom and flexibility. There is no contract and there are no questions asked, if you choose to leave after the 30-day the trial period. Those who accept the invitation have nothing to lose.”
bmobile has already configured the enhancements on the backend so existing customers would not be required to restart their devices or visit a store. “Our IT team has already done the heavy lifting. We want to make our customers happy so all they have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy their new packages” stated Collins.
bmobile postpaid customers will receive a message via sms prompting them to ‘opt in’ to enjoy the new plans immediately. Even if no action is taken, postpaid plans will be upgraded within the next 30 days at zero incremental cost for the user. bmobile prepaid customers will enjoy the new plans automatically at the next prepaid renewal, also with zero incremental cost for the user.
More information on bmobile’s invitation to a free 30-day trial and details on its new commercial offers can be found on bmobile’s website (, the company’s social pages or by calling 824-8788 (TSTT) directly.

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