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Embracing Local Culture: bmobile joins 36th Tobago Heritage Festival for Tobago's Ole Time Moriah Wedding

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

The recently concluded 36th edition of the Tobago Heritage Festival brought joy and cultural vibrancy to the island, with one of the most captivating events being the Moriah Ole Time Wedding. This celebration, known for its distinctive production, showcased the island's unique cultural heritage through a re-enactment of a traditional wedding procession. As the only truly local communications solution provider, bmobile proudly joined the Moriah Heritage Group for the event.

The Moriah Ole Time Wedding, held on Saturday (July 29th), attracted villagers and guests who donned their traditional wedding attire to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Tobago. The ceremony took place at the Moriah Moravian Church Hall, with the bride and groom leading a lively procession through the streets of Moriah. The procession was complete with the village Macco and Massa, delighting spectators with their signature brushback dance, a beautiful display of Tobagonian culture.

For this year's Tobago Heritage Festival, bmobile renewed its partnership with the Moriah Heritage Group reaffirming its commitment to fostering the growth and promotion of Tobago's cultural and artistic offerings in Moriah and beyond.

Onica Blackman, Manager, Tobago Operations at bmobile, emphasized the value of investing in such events. She said bmobile was encouraged by the involvement of youth in these cultural festivities, as it is vital to pass down traditions from generation to generation. Ms. Blackman noted, “as a company deeply rooted in the local community, bmobile's participation in the Moriah Ole Time Wedding showcases its dedication to preserving and promoting the rich cultural tapestry of Tobago. By investing in events like these, bmobile continues to reiterate its commitment to the people of Tobago and the preservation of their unique heritage.”

Krystal Solomon, Vice Chairman of the Heritage Group, highlighted the event's focus - showcasing the European influence on Tobagonians through the re-enactment of traditional nuptials. The Moriah Ole Time Wedding offered a glimpse into the past, reviving customs and rituals that have shaped the island's identity.

Expressing gratitude for bmobile's sponsorship, Solomon added, "We are delighted to have bmobile come on board as a sponsor to support us. It was a great showcase, and we do hope we work together again soon."

The lively atmosphere of the event was further accentuated by the enthusiastic testimonials from attendees. From first-time visitors to long-time residents, everyone praised the Moriah Ole Time Wedding for its vibrant energy and cultural significance. For many, it was an unmissable celebration of Tobago's heritage, leaving them with unforgettable memories. Juliette Simon and her family who visited for the first time from Trinidad, said, “I’ve always anticipated this event as I’ve heard so much about it over the years. It was such a unique and wonderful experience. I’m really glad to be here.”

The 36th Tobago Heritage Festival's Moriah Ole Time Wedding served as a vibrant tribute to the island's traditions and cultural legacy.

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