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TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott

Living Water and bmobile Share Christmas with those in Need

TSTT Corporate Communications

Press Release

To help families in need have one less worry this holiday season, the Living Water Community (LWC) is earnestly working towards achieving its Christmas goal of providing 1500 grocery hampers with support from companies such as local communications solutions provider, bmobile.

According to the NGO, which was established in 1975, there is always an increased demand for assistance during the Christmas season. While LWC traditionally hosted an in-person Christmas lunch, the pandemic regulations saw a shift to the provision of hampers that people and families could enjoy a Christmas meal prepared at home. Living Water depends on a mix of corporate and individual donations to maintain the funding for its food bank, and bmobile continued its partnership with the organisation to help provide hampers to families this season.

Gerard Cooper, General Manager Operations and Administration for TSTT, commended the organisation for its yeoman service. “The resilience of our people has been and continues to be tested during these times, but we are grateful for the service of the Living Water Community in reaching those most in need. More people are falling into poverty and it is a genuine concern for us. It’s why we continue to support the work of the Community and several other organisations to provide comfort, solace and prayer to those in need. I would also like to encourage other companies and individuals to make a donation of any kind to reputable organisations doing work or to families in need in their community. That way, we can all rise together again, in better times,” Cooper added.

Anika Johnson, Co-ordinator of Bethany Place (Living Water's Food Bank), notes that recipients of assistance surprisingly welcomed the change to how we provide support. “We try to do something a little more special at Christmas time so we have been able to add seasonal items like ham, pastelles and more to hampers so that families in need can still have a happy Christmas Day celebration. Based on feedback, many people have been happy to prepare their own meals and celebrate as a family.”

The demand for food relief has been growing in recent years and has been exacerbated by layoffs and economic downturns due to the covid-19 pandemic. The LWC maintains a year-long monthly system of hamper distribution. According to Johnson, “We still go out to homes to verify that the need is accurate, and we also use the opportunity to evaluate if there are other needs. We try to rotate families so that more people can benefit. Of course, the goal is always to assist people in graduating to employment and self-sufficiency or into a Government provided service if needed.”

One of the LWC’s first forays in the 1980s into community support was the establishment of a soup kitchen where meals were prepared and shared with street dwellers. Living Water Community is a Catholic Ecclesial Community which began in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in 1975. It was founded by Rhonda Maingot and Rose Jackman when they responded to a call from God to “light a fire of love” in the hearts of God’s people. In 1980, 150 people made a covenant with the Community. Today, there are over 500 covenanted members in the Community, in T&T and across the Caribbean region.

People interested in getting more information or donating to Living Waters Community can visit to learn more.

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