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Non-Conventional Careers Take Centre Stage at bmobile Dream Big Expo

TSTT Press Release

Corporate Communications

Students with interests in non-conventional careers now have a chance to explore their options as bmobile and Question Mark Entertainment have partnered to host a career showcase with a difference.
The bmobile Dream Big Expo, which takes place on May 4 at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, will highlight an array of careers from technology, science, business and the arts to non-conventional options for the out-of-the-box thinkers. During the Expo, patrons will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to network with local and international industry leaders, learn from professionals who are making waves in their respective fields and receive guidance on the best academic programmes to support their future careers.
Marsha Caballero, TSTT’s Senior Manager Corporate Communications, noted that the Company’s involvement in the Dream Big Expo aligns with the mission of the bmobile Foundation to create opportunities for young people to be empowered. “This Expo is particularly important as it creates an avenue for students with interests in non-conventional careers to see that it is indeed possible to transform their skills and hobbies, such as gaming, robotics and design, into viable careers” stated Caballero.
Caballero explained that not only is bmobile solidifying their commitment to enable youth through education; a key pillar of their Foundation, but the company is also doing its part to support economic diversification. “Technology has transformed the way we live and work. While medicine, law and engineering are noble professions, if we are serious about diversifying Trinidad and Tobago’s economy and retaining top talent, it is imperative that we normalize non-conventional careers. The bmobile Dream Big Expo is an opportunity for us to encourage the next generation to explore their creativity, nurture their spirit of entrepreneurship and ignite their passion for innovation” said Caballero.
The one-day Expo, which is the first of its kind locally, targets job seekers and high school and university students. Founders of the Dream Big Foundation and event organizers, Question Mark Entertainment, promises interactive booths, exciting exhibitions and an energised environment beyond the traditional career fair concept of a table, backdrop and brochure.
One of the objectives of Question Mark Entertainment; a company known for producing powerhouse projects such as the Decibel Entertainment Festival and Tuesday on the Rocks, is to foster emerging talents. The Expo, according to CEO Simon Baptiste, is one such outlet to engineer change.
Grateful for the support of bmobile and the other event sponsors, Baptiste noted, “bmobile recognises what we are trying to do and understands that it is not about glory, fame or how much revenue that can be earned. It’s about creating a platform that can make a positive difference and address matters such as national development, economic diversification and youth empowerment.”
It is anticipated that the bmobile Dream Big Expo will facilitate over 5,000 people on May 4. The Conference, which is open to Secondary Schools and takes place on May 3, is expected to attract over 3,000 students from 50 schools across Trinidad. The entrance fee to the Expo is $100 but students who pre-register on the website,, before April 30 gain free entry to the event. There is no cover charge for children 10 and under.

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